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This issue’s article is from Dr S. K. Cosmic Kapoor who conducted a very successful course at Ranchi, India for mathematics teachers. The participants strongly requested more such courses and for them to be more widely available.






1.         Finding the growing influence of Vedic Mathematics, Deputy Director Ranch Range of D.A.V institutions approached Dr. S.K.Kapoor to help organize a Vedic Mathematics workshop for Mathematics teachers of D.A.V Public Schools.

2.         Finely, the Vedic Mathematics workshop for Mathematics teachers of D.A.V Public Schools Ranchi Range has been held at Ranchi for three days (26th, 27th and 28th July 2003)

 3.         Dr. S.K.Kapoor has been the Facilitator of the workshop on Vedic Mathematics and Sh. Lal Ji Prasad, the senior author of many Mathematics books joined for introducing the concept of Boolean Algebra for its abstract and applied values.

 4.         Mathematics Teachers from 74 D.A.V. Public Schools of Ranchi Range located within Jharkhand State had participated in the Vedic Mathematics workshop. There were 105 Mathematics teachers of Senior Classes and 35 Mathematics teachers of Junior Classes who have been benefited by this Vedic Mathematics workshop.

 5.         This Vedic Mathematics workshop, has been the first workshop where at this scale, there has been full exposure of Vedic Mathematics for the whole range of mainstream School Mathematics.

 6.         The workshop has been held in one of the Seminar hall of the G.L.Dutta science block of D.A.V. (Senior) Public School, Hehal, Ranchi. The Seminar hall has the capacity of 200 seats. It was very comfortable for all the 140 participants/teachers. The walls were fully decorated with Mathematics Chart and Portraits of well-known Mathematician. It had equally befitting glass board for writing demonstration. The computer operated projector facility was also available and the same came very handy to project the information about Vedic Mathematics literature and activities downloaded from Googles and connected Web sites and the same provided a global view of Vedic Mathematics today.

 7.         Each of the day was divided in three sessions, morning, after lunch break and evening question answer sessions. First day all assembled in the Seminar hall at 8.30 a.m. and first half an hour was utilized by the participants to introduced and familiarize themselves with each other. Another half an hour was consumed by the formal inauguration ceremony which commenced with the Saraswati Vandana by the group of School children, lighting of lamp by the Chief guest, Facilitator and Director and the inaugural addresses. And then the workshop formally began starting with the general introduction and then specific aspects of Vedic Mathematics centered around Ganita Sutras range as stands dealt with in Vedic Matheamtics book of Swami Bharti Krishna Tirth Ji Maharaj.

 8.        First session first day of the workshop commenced after inaugural sessions followed by tea-break for fifteen minutes and the same continued up till lunch break at 1.30 p.m.. During this session, Dr.S.K.Kapoor, as facilitator, firstly introduced Vedic Mathematics in  its generality and then focused upon the over view of the School level Mathematics and its aspects centered around Vedic Sutras range covered in the Vedic Matheamtics book of Swami Bharti Krishna Tirth Ji Maharaj, edited by Prof. V.S.Aggarwal and published originally by Banaras Hindu University in 1965 and subsequently being reprinted by M/s. Moti Lal Banarasi Dass, New Delhi. This session and subsequent sessions’ progress has been preserved in its Audio recordings as well as in the individual notes of the participants. These are constituting eight audio Cd’s.

 9.        One of the special features of this workshop being that it had specific question answer sessions. Evening session of one hour, which usually get extended to one and a half hour, everyday was very frank and  interesting question answer hour. These question answers in fact are the index of the interest range as well as of the success outcome of the workshop. Even at the end of each session, opportunity was snatched by the participants to ask questions and to get answers.

 10.      Participants teachers have even recorded  their frank opinions and suggestion about the workshop and the same as well is going to  be a very valuable  source of  feedback for the organizers of the workshop.

 11.      The conclusion of the workshop has been thanks giving and  the group wise photos session.

 12.       Subject content wise, this workshop has focused upon three sources of literature, firstly, Vedic Mathematics book of Shankrycharya, Lilavati of Bhaskaracharya and Aryabhatiya of Aryabhata, secondly the research topics and general information in books of Dr.S.K.Kapoor finely the Boolean Algebra, as abstract concept and applied value for its specific axioms, especially the properties of the identities of its two operations.





 As advertised in the recent Newsflash Dr S K Cosmic Kapoor is running a free course at www.learn-and-teach-vedic-mathematics.com. This course has over 100 participants and you can still join if you wish as all lessons are available at the website.

 However a separate, beginners course is to be launched under the caption Vedic Mathematics for Beginners. It is also free. You can register for this course, which is on the same website as above, from 26th August and the course starts on 29th August.


 Rajeshwari Sharma tells us about some recent workshops she has given.

 I had conducted  workshops from 8th to 11th August 2003 in Jamnagar,Gujarat. One workshop (8 hrs.) was for the children of the Indian Navy School as well as for the officer cadets  and sailors of the Indian Navy  (INS Valsura) there. A few teachers of the primary section also attended. There were about 150 of them. It was a very interactive session and everybody enjoyed learning VM. In fact they were curious to know more about the subject .
I had two more workshops in Jamnagar for school children and some MBA students who participated very enthusiastically in the workshop.

World Academy for Vedic Mathematics

 This Academy is to be inaugurated later this year, In India.

For Academy contacts see later in this newsletter.


 This introductory book is now available as an ebook at: http://funwithfigures.com




 Seminar On Vedic Mathematics + Brain activation

 Jayanta Acharya will be running a one day seminar on VEDIC MATHEMATICS and Brain activation, in Kathmandu on September 20 with a two hour introductory talk on Saturday(Cost $100)( and Rs 1500 for Nepali).

The One day workshop is by bookings only, phone: Jayanta Acharya :

01-977-4433781or by email:

Venue: Kathmandu, Nepal


 There will be a Vedic Mathematics seminar at the University of Melbourne on 9th November, 11am. This will be given by Dr Subhash Challa of the Dept. of Electrical & Engineering Electronic and will be in the Greenwood Lecture Theatre, Level 1, Electronic Engineering Building.



EMAIL: I am a third year undergraduate student currently doing my graduation in maths. I  am required to do a project in maths according to the Goa University, I have chosen my topic to be VEDIC-MATHS  since its real interesting and amazingly helpful in calculations......its unbelievable that even after having such fascinating, cool and fast methods of complex calculations we still are stuck to the contemporary methods.


 World Academy for Vedic Mathematics

 Registered Address: Vishwa Punarnirman Sangh, Raval Bhawan, Near Telankhedi Garden, Nagpur-440 001, India

Tel # 255-0906 / 253-1363 / 254-5637

Contacts in other Cities in India :

  a) Delhi : RP Jain & ; # 2393-2747 / 2397-4826 / 2391-8335 / 1985

  b) Mumbai : Dr Abhijit Das:

  c) Bangalore : School of Ancient Wisdom

  d) Kolkata : Mr S R Agarwal & Debmalya Banerjee


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26th August 2003


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