These are listed in alphabetical order and by country. We reproduce here the information as given to us by the tutors themselves.
There are two lists:
blue = certified teachers;
green = other tutors.



Name: Vera Stevens
Ph 0266805524 mob 0423497403
I am a maths tutor who teaches a very successful alternative way of gaining numeracy, developed over several years while teaching at various schools including a school for autistic children. When the student has a firm grasp of the four operations I introduce Vedic maths with great success. My students love mathematics and in fact all learning. They are happy and inspired.

Name: Dr. Arvind Prasad
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Mobile: 04 525 88 474
I am a Research Fellow in the school of Engineering at the University of Queensland.
I have received my VM teacher training certification and Advanced diploma in VM from the Vedic Maths academy. I will be assisting Ken Williams with his on-line Certification course in VM. Locally, I hold workshops and lessons on VM in the Brisbane suburban libraries. The library workshops/lessons are conducted in group settings. I also offer one-on-one VM lessons to individuals. 

Name: Narmada Boppana
Location: Brisbane, Australia
I am a Mechanical Engineer by profession. I have completed my Vedic Maths Teachers Training Course with distinction from Vedic Maths Academy (UK) under the guidance of Prof Kenneth Williams.
I would love to teach and spread the knowledge of Vedic Maths to anyone who is interested.

Name : Raajesh Srinivasa Rama
Location : Sydney, Australia
Contact details : , Mobile: 0404104401
Whatsapp Group link: Math Magic
I'm a certified trainer in Vedic Mathematics, under the guidance of Prof. Kenneth Williams. I look forward to teach Vedic mathematics to anybody and can be reached at the email address above.

Name: Mahesh Mishra
Location: Sydney, Australia
Contact: Mobile: +61 430 650 430 | Email :  http://www.vedicmathsacademy.com
Does your child have Maths phobia? Do you want your child to score higher? Do you want your child to clear OC / NAPLAN / Selective exams? Contact or visit website to get the details on the next Free seminar on Vedic Maths and for one on one OR Group tuitions to learn Vedic Maths from a Certified Vedic Maths Teacher.

Name: Guru Sankaranarayanan & Anu Subramaniam
Location: Sydney, Australia
Contact: &
We (Husband & Wife) are both IT Professionals in Sydney.  We are certified Vedic Maths teacher under the guidance of Prof. Kenneth Williams. We look forward to teach Vedic maths to anyone who is interested. We are also planning to develop a website for Vedic Maths with Online Training programs.


Name:  Ramakrishnan Ramalingam
Location: Manama, Kingdom of  Bahrain.
Contact details: Email : 
Telephone:     +973 39902484
Currently I am working for a manufacturing organization in finished goods Stores.
As a service in my leisure time, privately teaching students to help them   perform better.
At present teaching VM (basic level ) to students  of class 6 and 7. 


Name: Bhu Venkatesan
Location: Waterloo, Belgium
Contact Details:

I am a Pediatric Occupational Therapist and a Remedial Educator for kids with Dyslexia. Having qualified as a vedic maths teacher has empowered me with math techniques that have the potential of creating that 'magic' in the lives of kids with Dyscalculia and other learning concerns in Maths. I am now establishing this great system in Belgium with immense pride and hope-----------turning Math Monster into Math Magic!!


Name: Carlo das Neves
Location: Piracicaba, Brazil
I am Electrical Engineer and Maths Tutor and now the first Certified Vedic Maths Brazilian Teacher under the guidance of Prof. Kenneth Williams. If you are Brazilian or Portuguese and would like to learn about MV in portuguese language, please contact me by email.


Name: Ric Johnsen
Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Contact details: 780 482 7143
780 919 1301

Retired educator, small business owner -- willing to teach any level/age.

Name: Abhishek Khaitan
Location: Edmonton, Canada
Contact details: Cell: 780-231-1509
I hold a Masters in Computer Science and into Information Technology as my Profession.  I have been teaching Vedic Maths to children and also conducting Vedic Mathematics Seminars.

Name - Deesha Thakkar
Location - Canada (nr Toronto)
Contact details -
I am a (Ontario certified) Math teacher with Master's degree - I teach students of all ages (including University). I am an Advanced Vedic Math Tutor certified by Prof. Kenneth Williams & E-Gurukul.net

Name:  David Robinson
Location: near Peterborough, Ontario
Contact: Phone: 705 652 3488
I taught high school math for 33 years. I retired as head of math at Lakefield District Secondary School. I discovered Vedic Math a little over a year ago and have taken 5 on-line courses and read several books since. I am completely convinced that VM provides a simpler and far superior format for teaching mathematics. It helps develop not only math skills but also helps students develop memory, critical thinking, creativity and self confidence. I look forward to helping students become successful.

Name: Ashu Arora
Location: Squamish (BC), Canada
                Mobile No: (+1) 7783230248
I have completed my Vedic Maths Teachers Training Course with distinction and Advanced Diploma in Vedic Maths (ADVM 11) from Vedic Maths Academy (UK) under the guidance of Prof Kenneth Williams. I have over 10 years teaching experience of Mathematics. I am passionate about Vedic Maths and would love to spread the knowledge of Vedic math at any level.
Children who find Maths as a phobia, they should at least once contact me. They will learn how Maths is a game of numbers. I am sure; it will enhance their creative and critical thinking.
I will be more than happy to teach this art either in person or in groups or online. 

Name: Dr. Phani Timmaraju 
Location: Fort McMurray , Canada
Contact: Email :

               Mobile: +1 780 972 1212 

Teaching is my passion and profession. I train my students to approach a problem in several possible ways. In that process, I apply Vedic Mathematics principles and improve mental math abilities. I am a certified trainer under Prof. Ken Williams and I conduct math workshops and seminars that encompass different aspects of Vedic Mathematics. Contact me if you would like to discuss further. 



Name: Rodrigo Herrera
Location: Santiago, Chile; Dolores, Uruguay
I am a Bachelor of Education with a mention in Music Education, Montessori Teacher and I am a certified trainer in Vedic Mathematics, under the guidance of Prof. Kenneth Williams. I am currently studying the Advance Diploma in Vedic Maths. I teach Traditional Math and Vedic Math online in Spanish.
Soy Licenciado en Educación con mención en Educación Musical, Profesor Montessori y Profesor Certificado de Matemáticas Védicas bajo la guía del Prof. Kenneth Williams.  Actualmente estoy estudiando el Diploma Avanzado en Matemáticas Védicas. Enseño Matemática Tradicional y Matemática Védicas en línea.


Name: Ricardo Parra
Location: Bogotá, Colombia (SA)
I am a Maths teacher, specialist in bilingual education, and now the first Latin-American Certified Vedic Maths Teacher under the guidance of Prof. Kenneth Williams. I teach Regular and Vedic Maths online in Spanish, Italian and English.


Name: Anna Nygaard
Location: Northern Jutland, Denmark
I have recently completed e-gurukul's Teacher Training course in Vedic math and am now heading on to their Advanced Diploma course. I don't have much teaching experience yet, but I'd love to help anyone interested in the magical and wonderful science of Vedic math at any level within my capability.
Name- Hema
Place- Finland
I am software engineer by profession but my passion is to teach and I love doing that. I would like to share my knowledge and already have handful of experience in conducting workshops and in teaching. Feel free to contact me through my email.


Name: Georgina Konadu Kusi
Location: Accra
Mobile: +233 243182600, + 233 244782356
Are you in Ghana or any other African country? Do you love math? Do you want to learn math the fun way? Join me as we learn math the Vedic way. I am a certified Vedic Math trainer resident in Ghana from the Vedic Math Academy under the tutelage of Kenneth Williams. I look forward to teaching Vedic Math to anyone who is interested. I will be organizing seminars on Vedic Math. Please contact me on the above email or mobile. Website to be launched soon. You can join me anywhere on the globe through skype.


Name:  Atman C.M. Chong
Location:  Hong Kong
Contact details: 
With over 20 years working experience in the greater China region, Atman C.M. Chong had been serving MNCs & listed corporations in the areas of marketing, corporate communication, training, project management, compliance, etc.
Atman is fascinated by the remarkable & easy system of Vedic Mathematics.  He gone through a lot of online researches & luckily came cross Mr. Kenneth Williams to start his official learning in Vedic Mathematics.
Mr. Chong has a teacher certificate in Vedic Mathematics, master degree in Financial Analysis awarded by HK University of Science & Technology, a bachelor degree of Business Administration awarded by Ottawa University, a Master Financial Professional & Registered Business Analyst awarded by American Academy of Financial Management.

Name : Fion Lam P.S.
Location: Hong Kong / Canada
I have over 10 years of training experience in sales and marketing. In addition, I have been tutoring  my own kid and other elementary level school children in English and maths for many years. 
Under the guidance of prof. Kenneth Williams,  I have attained the Vedic Maths Teacher’s Training Certification, with a distinction, from the Vedic Maths Academy.
Vedic Maths is the most fascinating, practical and intelligent system of mathematical thinking I have ever seen. I think everyone should learn it,  especially at an early age. Children who are exposed to its unique methodology will find it hard not to fall in love with maths while enhancing their critical and creative thinking skills. I offer online Vedic Maths training for students from primary 1 onwards.  It would be my privilege to inspire and build your little one’s foundation of mathematical mastery.  Contact me for details on how your child can realize their full numeracy potential.


Name: Varun Garg
Ambala (Haryana), India
Contact Details:
, Mobile: +918295195025
I hold a Masters in Computer Science. Also I'm a certified trainer in Vedic Mathematics, under the guidance of Prof. Kenneth Williams. I look forward to teach Vedic mathematics to anybody and can be reached at the email and contact no. mentioned above.

Name: Padmanab Sridhar R
Location: India, Karnataka, Bangalore, Bangalore East
Contact details : +91 - 9845383562
Am a Software Engineer turned Business Analyst working in a MNC. Hail from an semi-orthodox Tamil Brahmin family.
Have known about Vedic Mathematics since my teens.
Since am busy during the weekdays, will be available only during the weekends. Since don’t have a formal classroom facility, can only teach at my residence.
Would prefer to take students with a Basic understanding of operations, BODMAS rule. Students who are 6th std and above would be preferred. My kannada knowledge is minimal and the language of instruction will mostly be English. (Other languages known Tamil and Hindi)

Name           : Srinivasan Subramanian
Location       : Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Address       : Flat F3, Yamunothri Apartments,2nd Street A cross, Nayak Layout, JP Nagar 8th Phase, Bangalore 560076
Phone           : +91 9902-900-300
Email            :
Brief CV       : Software Engineer by profession, Mathematician by passion. I'm a "Ceritifed Vedic Maths Tutor" by Vedic Maths Academy (UK) and I completed the training course under the guidance of Prof. Kenneth Williams. I'm passionate about Vedic Maths and would love to spread this fun way of maths to all parts of the globe. I can be contacted for any VM course requirements or introductory sessions. Tamil and English are the languages I fluently speak. I'm willing to teach this beautiful art either in person or in groups or online. I'm open to taking free sessions for poor children.

Name: Chandar L
Location: Bangalore
Contact details:
Currently working as a principal data scientist with a US based start-up.  Nature of work is to use machine learning and related algorithms to make predictive statements.  My primary interest is in mathematics applied to real-life situations.  Vedic mathematics is a relatively recent technique I have learnt to whet my mathematical appetite.  I am more interested in teaching relatively advanced students who are finding difficulty at mathematics at an advanced level.   

Name : Anup Kumar Gupta
Location : Bangalore
Contact details : +91 9886058263
Brief outline : I am a Engineering Post Graduate - with a great passion towards learning and Teaching Vedic maths. I have been teaching VM to my kids and other kids in the near vicinity. I would love to be a part of any teaching assignment on this great topic.

Name: Vidya Swaminathan
Location : Marathahalli, Bangalore, India
Contact details :
I hold a B.E. degree in chemical engineering. I have worked in the process consulting field and in the IT sector for couple of years. Teaching is something I have always enjoyed, be it the students I have tutored or the art and craft classes I have conducted.
I have completed the Vedic Maths Academy's Teacher's Training Course, with distinction, under the guidance of Prof. Ken Williams.
I would be glad to introduce Vedic Maths and its beauty to kids, so as to make their journey in learning Mathematics one of pleasure and joy! Please contact me at the above email address to take it further.....

Name: Jyothi Manohara
Place: J.P.Nagar, Bangalore, India
Contact: 9916453620
Educational background: B.E Computer science and engineering,
M.S Software Systems
Work experience: 20+ years of teaching experience
Lecturer, Dept. of C.S
Presently, Abacus and Vedic maths teacher.
Would like to teach free of cost for the deserving students

Name : Kirti Choudhary
Location : Bangalore, India
Contact Details : Cell # : 9611473045, mail id :
I am Kirti Choudhary and I have completed my Vedic Maths Teachers Training Programme with distinction from Vedic Maths Academy (UK) under the guidance of Prof. Kenneth Williams. I have been teaching kids for quite some time (including my kid) and get great satisfaction when I am able contribute towards the skills development of a kid in some way or the other. Apart from subject knowledge, way of teaching a kid is equally important. That way, Vedic maths is a great subject to develop analytical skills of a kid that will take him a long way in their educational journey. I will be more than happy to promote Vedic Maths and help kids developing love for Maths. Cheers

Name: Jigisha Parmar
: Bangalore, India
: Email ID:  jigisha.parmar3335@gmail.com Mobile Number +919535593141
I am a doing Import Export business of Vegan products by profession. I have completed my Vedic Maths Teachers Training Course with distinction from Vedic Maths Academy (UK) under the guidance of Prof Kenneth Williams.
I would love to teach and spread the knowledge of Vedic Maths to anyone who is interested in India and All around the world. I organise Workshops and Seminars. Please contact me if you need any further information.

Name: Vani Kannan
Location: Sarjapura,Bangalore
Email address:
Mobile number: +91 93443 85686
I'm a Yoga teacher, I homeschool my 10 year daughter. I took up the Vedic Math Teacher course training to facilitate my daughter. My daughter now loves doing mathematics. I would be happy to spread the knowledge and teach Vedic Mathematics anyone who is interested in learning this wonderful method.
Name: Anup Babu
Location: Bangalore, India
Contact: ,
Mobile: +91 829 645 1383
I have close to 19 years of Professional Experience in Information Tech Industry. I have completed my Vedic Maths Teachers Training Course from Vedic Maths Academy (UK) under the guidance of Prof Kenneth Williams. I am very passionate about teaching children and aim to make mathematics fun,inspiring & rewarding.
I have completed a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering and also an alumnus of the the Prestigious Indian Institute of Management ,Ahmedabad (IIMA) .I will seek to apply the best of combined learning from IIMA and Vedic Maths Academy(UK) to bring in  a very competent & holistic method to teaching. I wish to spread the knowledge and methods of Ancient Indian science and make it relevant and useful for the generations of tomorrow. 

Name: Gayatri Gargeya
Location: Chennai, India
Contact details: Email:
I have undergone extensive training in Vedic Mathematics under the guidance of Prof.Kenneth Williams. I have experience teaching Vedic maths in Chinmaya Mission's Bala Vihar program for the past two years. I look forward to teaching VM to kids aged 8 and above.

Name : Sujaritha Raghavan
Location : Chennai, India
Contact details : Cell no:  0091-9600142904
French Teacher by profession, has flair for teaching and interested in Mathematics. I have included Vedic math into the School curriculum.(CBSE syllabus)  I had conducted  Vedic Maths workshops at Malaysia, Dubai, Muscat and Chennai. Conducting classes for past 10 years. I introduce Vedic math to a Child when he/she comes to 3rd grade as they would be familiar with four operations. For some children maths will be a night mare, by practising Vedic maths One can cultivate an interest towards the subject and definitely they can excel in maths.

Name: Mrs.Ramya Ramakrishnan
Location: Chennai
Contact details : +91 - 9940231523
I am an Engineer from BITS,Pilani and a software engineer by profession. I have been fascinated by VM from my childhood days owing to its simplicity and flexibility.
I have been guiding school kids between grade 3-7 informally owing to the small number of participants. If there is a considerable number of participants I can have structured classes to guide them.

Name: Muthuselvi Prabhu
Location: Chennai, Tamilnadu, India
Contact: Email: , Mobile: 91 7358510093
I am a Rubik's cube trainer in schools and taking maths home tuition for more than 15 years.  I have completed Teacher Training in Vedic Maths and Advanced Diploma in Vedic Maths under the guidance of Prof. Kenneth Williams.  I look forward to teach VM for school teachers and also for children above 8 years through online or offline.

Name: Usha Prabhakar
Location : Chennai, India
Contact details :  mobile : 9444979802
I am a B.Sc Mathematics graduate and also hold an engineering degree in communication. Have completed the Vedic maths teacher training course from Vedic Maths Academy - UK, under the guidance of Kenneth Williams. I look forward to share my learnings in this intriguing subject to all those who are interested. Please feel free to contact me for direct and online classes.

Name : Vipin Setia
Email :
WhatsApp : 8802169000
I am certified in BCOM(H) from Delhi University, MBA in School Management from ISBM Mumbai and have taught more than 20,000 students in CBSE curriculum. I have also authored many books on mathematics for classes 6-10th. I am a certified trainer in Vedic Maths from vedicmaths.org under the guidance of Mr. Kuldeep Singh, powered by Sir Kennith WIlliam. I have held various workshops where I have introduced and taught Vedic maths to many students.

Name                 :  Lakshmi Iyer
Location             :  Dombivli, Thane, Maharashtra, India
Contact details   : 
I have done my BSc in Statistics and i generally teach Maths basics to pupils of age group ranging from 12 years to 16 years.

Name: Pankaj Kumar
Location: Gurgaon, India
Contact details:  Cell: (+91) 8587846499
I am engineer by profession and working as Program Manager in a reputed MNC. I am certified Vedic Maths teacher (with distinction) under the guidance of Prof. Kenneth Williams. I am teaching Vedic Maths to children and anybody interested can contact me.

Name:-   Ms Mamata Mund
Location: Hyderabad (India)
Mail Id :
I have done my Msc(Maths) , PGDCA . I am a certified trainer in Vedic Mathematics from Vedic Maths Academy (UK) under the guidance of Mr.Kenneth William .I have 4 years of teaching experience in mathematics in KVS .Now I am tutoring high school , intermediate , graduate students to teach maths ,statistics, and Aptitude. I have keen interest in Vedic maths and further i want to go for research in VM. I love to teach my kid and others to teach maths using VM. I would love to teach my students some advanced topics in mathematics using unified VM techniques.

Name:                 Anuradha Oruganti
Location:             Hyderabad, India
I have done my MBA in Finance and was previously associated with Taxation and consulting firms. From past few years, I was involved in teaching mathematics and statistics to school children. I find Vedic Maths a powerful medium to motivate kids towards mathematics. I am a certified Vedic Mathematics Teacher and I am keen to share the knowledge of Vedic mathematics to whoever interested.

Name: Sanjena Gupta
Location: Kaithal (Haryana), India
Contact Details: Mobile: +918053588119,+917015963181
Email Id
I hold a Masters in Commerce. I have also 2 year experience in teaching maths from reputed school.I also teach abacus .Teaching maths is my passion. Also I'm a certified trainer in Vedic Mathematics, under the guidance of Prof. Kenneth Williams. I look forward to teach Vedic mathematics to anybody and can be reached at the email and contact no. mentioned above.

Name: Irshadul Islam C A
Qualification: B.Tech (EEE), MBA (POM), ADM, UGC NET, pursuing PhD
Location: Calicut, Kerala, India
Contact Details: Mobile: +91 729 320 6955; Email: 
I am very passionate about numbers. Professionally I am a business maths professor of Quantitative Techniques and Operations Research subjects for MBA students for the last 8 years and a lean six sigma consultant for Manufacturing SMEs for 6 years. I am a Certified Trainer in Vedic Mathematics from Vedic Maths Academy (UK) under the guidance of Prof. Kenneth Williams. I would like to share all my knowledge in the field of Vedic Maths to the needy according to their convenience for generating real interest in the maths arena. I will be available over online and offline platforms and can be reachable on both email and mobile number as mentioned above. 


Name: Sachin Gupta
Location:  Gurugram 122018, Haryana, India
Contact Detailssachinguptus@gmail.com
I would love to teach this fascinating system of Maths to anyone willing (from class 3 to 12). Would be happy to conduct workshops for a group of students or an individual student to teach Vedic mathematics. No prior knowledge in Maths is required, in fact students who consider Maths as their weak point are most welcome!

Name : Veena V Nair
Location : Kochi,Kerala,India
Contact details :
I am a retired Education Officer from the Indian Navy and hold a Masters degree in Computer Management .I love to teach. I have completed Diploma in Vedic Mathematics and Advanced Diploma in Vedic Mathematics ,under the guidance of Prof Kenneth Williams. I would love to help children to discover the magic of Vedic Mathematics.Interested Parents may contact me through my email mentioned above.

: Sandhya Bajaj

Location: Mumbai
Contact details: +9198202 86873, E-Mail:
I have been in the training profession over the last 7 years trained adults and children on a variety of topics. I train students for Vedic Maths and School Maths where I have designed my own Foundation Maths programme for Grades 1-5.

I have a structured course content for Vedic Maths, (12 sessions) categorised into Vedic Maths Workshops (1.5 hour), Basic and Advanced courses. I have completed my Vedic Maths Teachers Training Programme with distinction from Vedic Maths Academy (UK). I also operate as a Freelance Corporate Trainer and train students online and offline.

Name: Omkar Kibe
Location: Mumbai, INDIA (glad to travel across the globe)
Contact: +91 8879 141 131
Omkar is an International Master of Memory (IMM) and India's Top Memory athletes, part of Team-INDIA who has represented India twice, at the World Memory Championships held in China and Singapore. He is also a Rubik's Cube Expert and Trainer. He is a professional Theatre Practitioner as well, a Graphic and Web Designer and so on...so in a nutshell, a Vagabond Artist! He is a Certified Vedic Maths Trainer who has successfully completed Vedic Maths Teacher Training Course (VMTTC) under the able guidance and training by Kenneth Williams with distinction (above 90%). He is a multi-faceted person who loves to travel across India and World. He would be glad to take up any Vedic Maths Tutoring or Training for Individuals or Groups whether in person or online, and glad to travel across the globe.

Name: Lakshmi Venkatesh
Area: Nerul, Navi Mumbai
Contact No: +91 9819229525
Email address:
I am very passionate about teaching and particularly when it comes to Maths, I love to teach and explain the kids.   I run my activity classes in Nerul, Navi Mumbai and also engaged in Private Tuitions.  In addition to this, I would be teaching Vedic Maths to the beginners and I have done the Trainers' certification under the guidance of Kenneth Williams.

Name: Priti Kavalanekar
Location: Mumbai – India
Contact: +91 9833032636 / 8369125986
I am a Maths Tutor and has been teaching children and adults since 10+ years, have got my teachers Vedic Maths training certificate and advance diploma under the guidance of Prof. Ken Williams.
I am passionate about learning and teaching maths and would be glad to introduce Vedic maths and its beauty to students to make their journey in learning maths with pleasures and joy !
I would be contactable on the email and mobile number mentioned herein.

Name: Manjusha V Rallabandi
Location :
Mumbai, India
Contact details :

My education is an interesting combination of Mathematics and Computer Science. I have done B.Sc(Hons) in Mathematics and Masters in Computer Applications from India. I am an Instructional Designer (eLearning industry) by profession and a passionate Teacher by choice. I have completed the Teacher's Training course and the Advanced Diploma course, both with distinction, from the Vedic Maths Academy under the guidance of Prof. Ken Williams.
Vedic Maths is a an excellent subject to develop love-for-maths in kids and to improve their analytical skills. I look forward to introduce the beauty of Vedic Maths to the kids.

Name: Prakash Lele
Contact E-Mail:
I'm a certified trainer in Vedic Mathematics, under the guidance of Prof. Kenneth Williams. I look forward to teach Vedic mathematics to anybody and can be reached at the email address above.

I am available at four location during any year.
1. Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
2. Dewas, Madhya Pradesh, India
3. Gainesville, Florida, USA
4. Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Name: Kuldeep Singh
Location: New Delhi
Contact Details:
Ph. 09999996279
I have done my Masters in Computer Applications. Currently working as a full time trainer of Mind Methods.
I have learned Vedic Maths from Prof. Kenneth R Williams. I have been teaching Vedic maths since 2008. 
We conduct Vedic Maths Teachers Training Courses also in New Delhi powered by Williams sir's Vedic Mathematics Academy.  
Till date we have done introductory sessions of Vedic Maths for more than 5000 students. 
Name: Meenu Gupta
Location: New Delhi, India
Contact Details:  Ph. 09818 444 787
I have done my MBA (finance) and B.Ed.  Currently working as a chief trainer of ‘Kids Safari Academy’ (https://www.facebook.com/kidssafariacademy) for various courses like Vedic Maths and Abacus, and also as an Abacus tutor in one of the reputed schools in Delhi till 5th class students.
I have learned Vedic Maths from Prof. Kenneth R Williams in a fun way and would love to spread this knowledge further to anyone interested. I have been teaching Vedic maths since 2015. We conduct Vedic Maths Teachers Training Courses also. Till date we have done introductory sessions of Vedic Maths for more than 50 students.
Name : Neetu Rishi
Location : New Delhi, India
Contact : 9650352153
Email :
I have completed my training in Vedic Mathematics under the guidance of Prof.Kenneth Williams. I manage my own Vedic Maths institute based in New Delhi, India. I have 15+ years of experience in teaching mathematics. I’ve helped students achieve excellent results in mathematics.I have organised various vedic maths workshops for students. I provide vedic maths training to students as well as teachers. I look forward to teach students all the basic and advanced topics in mathematics using Vedic Maths techniques.
Name : Deepti Gaur
Location : Noida, India
Contact details : 09810673651
I'm a certified trainer in Vedic Mathematics, under the guidance of Prof. Kenneth Williams. Vedic Maths is a great subject to develop analytical skills of a kid that will take him a long way in their educational journey. I look forward to teach Vedic mathematics to anybody, whoever is interested and can be reached at the phone number above.

Name: Jatinder Kaur
Location: Patiala, India
Contact details:9501855994 Email:
Currently working as Assistant Professor in Applied Sciences Department at Chandigarh University and pursuing my PhD in mathematics. I have completed my Vedic Maths Teachers Training Programme from Vedic Maths Academy (UK) under the guidance of Prof. Kenneth Williams. As a mathematics professor, I can quickly figure out the difficult ways of solving problems using conventional methods. To my surprise VM simplifies problems to a larger extent. I would love to teach my students some advanced topics in mathematics using unified VM technique.

                      : Rajiv Vohra
Location                   : Pune, India
Contact details          : +919637008019
I am a Corporate Trainer and have imparted these lessons to Professionals at my company. Also keen to interact with students of the age group 10 years and above.

 Name: Shweta Vohra
Location: India, Pune
Contact details: 09923736854
I am a working Professional. Love to teach and spread Vedic maths knowledge. Take only weekend classes for age group 7+ to any age group. Focus is on increasing mental ability and to make maths as part of our daily fun activity.

Name : Rajeshri Palkar
Location : Pune,India, Presently Japan.
Contact Details : ,
Cell : 080-4182-3097
I am Rajeshri palkar, who has done Civil Engineering, did job few years. When I figured out my interest is teaching I gave up to construction job. I have taught Vedic math to children age 8 to 12. Children who hate math please welcome. I am sure your hate will turn into love. It's really a fun to learn Vedic Math. 

Name : Nitika Gupta
Location: Pune, India
Contact details:
I am a B.E.(Electrical) graduate from NIT Rourkela. Having worked in engineering and IT professions for around 15 years, I have moved to teaching profession and have been tutoring Maths to senior secondary students.
I have received my Vedic Maths teacher training certification from Vedic Maths Academy (UK) under the guidance of Prof. Kenneth Williams. It is my aim to spread the wonderful knowledge of Vedic Maths to students and adults. Anyone above 8 years can attend my classes. I can be contacted on the above e-mail address.

Name: Mamta Wani
Location: Pune, Maharashtra, India.
Contact Details: +91 9421145513
email :-
I am an architect by Profession and a teacher by choice. I am teaching Vedic Maths since last three years. Anyone above 8+ years is welcome to learn this ancient yet complete system of Mathematics.
I was fortunate to be Part of Vedic Math Teachers Training under guidance of Prof. Kenneth Williams. It brings immense pleasure to spread the knowledge of Vedic math.

Name : Arpit Bendle
Location : Pune,India, 
Contact Details : Cell : +91 8237203984; Email:
I am a Post Graduate in Industrial Management and an Automotive Supply Chain Professional. My interest in numbers introduced me to Vedic Maths, which I believe should be taught to all Kids and make them comfortable with numbers.
I have completed VM training under guidance of Prof. Ken Williams. I would be happy to teach Vedic Maths to any Kids or even parents if interested to spread this wonderful Ancient system.

Location  :  Shillong, Meghalaya, India
Contact details  :  Revenue Plot no. 33,  Rynjah,  Shillong,  Meghalaya,  India. PIN - 793006. Cell phone - 09436708455.
Educational  -  M.Sc. in Physics
Work experience - 24 years in the Banking Industry. 11 years in Education Management, Research & Training, Consulting. I teach Abacus & Mental Arithmetic and Vedic Maths to students in the age group of 7 to 14 years, and train graduate and post-graduate students for various All-India Level Competitive Exams.

Name - Mridula Varshneya
Location - Vadodara (Gujarat) India
Contact details - E-Mail -
Ph. -91-9427306674
I did Bsc.Maths (hon.)from Hindu Collage Delhi University.
Taught Maths to 9th and 10th grade students for a year in Seventh Day Adventist School Surat (Gujarat).
Teaching Maths privately to 7th to 10th grade students for the last 24 years.
Got VM teachers training certificate (with distinction) in March to May 2012 batch.

Name: CN Patel
Location - India & Pan World
Contact: +91 9726744334
Mode : Online/Offline
Website- www.ptglobaledu.com
I am certified trained Vedic maths teacher having 10 years of Experience in teaching Mathematics and Science from grade 5 to university level. I used to use many ways
of solving any mathematics sum. I encourage students not to stick with any one method which is given in textbook but think differently and use another way to solve them problem. I have been using many tricks and method in school level mathematics teaching and try to instill a new way of thinking by encouraging them to use an alternative way to solve any sum.



Name: Raymond Austin
Location: Netanya, Israel
Contact details: email:   mobile: +972585214202
Background: Graduated from Coventry University (U.K) in collaboration with Ruppin College, Israel in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (B.Eng.) and Quality and Reliability Engineering in the Electronics Industries (B.Sc.) with distinction - Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee.
Currently I am working in Medical Device Industry as a Quality Engineer.
I have successfully completed the Vedic Math Teacher Training Course , under the guidance of Prof. Kenneth Williams.
I look forward to teach Vedic mathematics to anybody (from class 3 to 8) and can be reached at the email address or contact no. mentioned above.
I would love to teach this fascinating system of Maths to anyone willing (from class 3 to 5). Students who consider Maths as their weak point are most welcome!


Location: ITALY
Address: CARAVAGGIO (BG), via Prof.A.Baruffi, 53 - mobile: +39-340-7356556 - mail: - web: www.giulianomandotti.com
I'm a freelance software engineer specialized in Opensource, I'm a Coach specialized in Life Coaching and Students/Boys Coaching, I'm also a Trainer in communication, learning and information technology, specialized in e-learning systems. Vedic Math is part of my research in coaching and learning technologies to improve self-esteem, awareness, better learning and growing.

Name Anna G. Foglino
Location Osoppo:
(Udine) Italy
Contact details: 
email: ,  Mobile 0039 3472736338

I have a Masters Degree in Maths. I’m homeschooler teacher and I like a lot to teach Vedic maths: this simple, creative and powerful maths.
I started to transmit with very good results my passion for Vedic math to children above 10 years and adults (lessons, workshops and seminars).
I agree with the project that is possible to elevate the human minds with the power of Vedic Maths. I’d like to create a new school with these different skills.

Name : Angela Pierri 
Location : Italy - Palermo
Contact :  +393276399684 - -

Hello! I am a mum, an homeschoolers' teacher, and a psychologist specialized in psychotherapy and psychodrama. I  falled in love with vedic maths two years ago, and now I am a certified teacher. I like to study about Mind, and I am a lifelong learner. For about a year I am studying to connect mental functioning and mindsight skills to vedic maths.
I believe in mind education to get better our world. And I think we have to start from adult, parents, teachers and educators, which form children' s mind.

Name: Valeria Tami
Location (Pordenone) Udine
Contact details: email  cell. +393408496789
I'm Valeria Tami.I have a degree in biological sciences, since August I have been certified to teach Vedic mathematics. Work in middle school (age of children from 11 to 14 years) for 20 years. During this career I have always given great importance to the logic of mathematics and the reason for certain problem solving paths without considering the calculation. The calculation for the boys is a very high energy expenditure but I am observing that Vedic Maths is helping especially the most fragile children, who come from primary school scared of classical mathematics! For the first time I am putting the two aspects of mathematics on the same level and the answer is very positive, encouraging.


Name: Sonali Pradeep Waghmare
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malyasia
Contact: sona.khushi@gmail.com
I am a Design Engineer/Project Lead/Trainer by profession. I have completed my Vedic Maths Teachers Training Course with distinction from Vedic Maths Academy (UK) under the guidance of Prof Kenneth Williams.
I would love to teach and spread the knowledge of Vedic Maths to anyone who is interested.
Currently I am teaching the students of age group 8-10 years at my home which includes my daughter.
Name: Lee Li FEI
Location: Cameron Highlands , Malyasia
I am so glad that I have completed Vedic Maths Teachers Training Course with distinction under the guidance of Prof Kenneth Williams.
Life long learning and sharing is the motto of my life, I would love to share and teach for anyone who interesting in Vedic Math.


Name :   Badriya Raihani
Location – Casablanca Morocco
Contact  Phone:+212 (0) 662590873
Currently teaching Vedic Maths online
I am the founder of a Private school and the Principal of   Raihani School.
I am the author of “PEMDAS – the order of operations” and “Give your Brain a workout!”
I got an Advanced Diploma in Vedic Maths _with distinction_certified by Prof. Kenneth Williams
I love Vedic Maths and I am going to train a group of teachers  who are interested  in Learning and  teaching vedic Maths to their students  using languages English , French, and Arabic
I live in Casablanca, and also spend each year Months in Paris, London , Montreal. I hope during my stay  outside Morocco to train “face to face” students or teachers interested in Learning Vedic Math


Name - Klaas Zwerver
Location - Koog aan de Zaan in the Netherlands (near to Amsterdam)
Contact - email:
Background - I am a math teacher for over thirty years in high school and or secondary vocational education. I did some remedial teaching and do provide tutoring. Besides this I have been involved in writing a new math book for students with difficulties in learning and or behaviour. The students I have been teaching vary from primary school children to adults and from 'normal' to 'special'. Right now I am teaching in a school for students who have hearing problems, language problems, and signs of autism; I prepare them for their coming and final exam. In the past I have been leading many students to their final exam (secondary general education).
I am a qualified VM teacher and I also qualified for the Advanced VM course from Kenneth Williams


Name  :  Cyrus Mehta
Location : New Zealand  - Auckland
Contact :

Name: Damen Pitiroi
Location: Hamilton, New Zealand
I am a Primary School trained teacher and have been learning and teaching Vedic Maths for the past 4-5 years. I have also been learning and teaching Pebble Maths for the past 2-3 years. I have worked with children, families, other teachers and also teacher trainees during this time.


Name: Abdel Jaber Dramnh
Contact: Mob :00970599039316
             Tel :009722486674
              Facebook:Golden Math Equations Academy
I am a Math teacher and tutor
Many years ago i be came interested in VM
I searched and made contacts with many people who were teaching or training VM around the world
I visited India and looked for different Academy which teach and trained VM.
I have received my VM training.
1-Magic Methods (India )
2-VM  teacher training in VM from Vedic Mathematics Academy ( UK )
3-Advanced Diploma in VM from the  Vedic Mathematics Academy ( UK )


Name: Virgilio Y. Prudente  (VMTTC-7, ADVM-3, PRE-1)
Contact Details: MATH-Inic Philippines, 2/Fl Balai Lakbay, # 2 Alondras St. cr. Congressional Ave. Ext. Mira-nila Homes, Quezon City,
 , (63917) 5004763
I love Math and I firmly believe that my love for Math helped me to pass (and often top) every scholarship exam that I took which enabled me to be admitted to the best schools in the Philippines, the Philippine Science High School (PSHS) and the University of the Philippines (UP).
I also love to teach Math. I started teaching my children the basics of Arithmetic and Algebra in their early childhood. As as result, all five of them also became scholars of PSHS and UP. I am founder and president of the VYP-MSC Institute of Technology - the Math, Science and Computing School which operates a high school and a technical-vocational school.
I began to seriously study Vedic Maths in 2010, mainly through the books of Kenneth Williams. I was also able to finish the Vedic Math Teacher's Training Course (with Distinction), the Advanced Vedic Math Course and the Crowning Gem: Powers, Roots and Polynomial Equation Course under Sir Ken.
In 2011, I developed MATH-Inic, a series of supplementary Math courses based mainly on Vedic Math. MATH-Inic is now offered in 8 major cities in the Philippines.
Last December 4, 2014, I published "25 Math Short Cuts" which is well on the way to becoming a best-seller.

Name: Gowri Ramachandran (Cebu, Philippines)
I am a very inquisitive mother who loves to explore different methods to supplement my child's learning. Vedic Maths is one such learning which led me to take the teacher training program of Vedic Maths academy and qualify with distinction.

My journey to teaching started with gaining a Diploma in Professional Education from a prestigious institute in Cebu City which gave me hands on experience in teaching and learning activities. I am also a qualified Chartered Accountant from India.
I would love to share my learning on Vedic Mathematics by the way of presentations to parents and teachers on the subject. I am also available to have one-on-one or group lessons to elementary students in Cebu City.
For more information contact me through the  email above.


Name: Voja Trajkovic
Location: Serbia
Contact details:
Phone 381658192022
Currently teaching group with students from High school to elder persons, basic level, having class once weekly, during whole school year. Preparing shorter, more intensive seminars. Also available for teaching through Skype (Serbian and English). 


Name: Lokesh Kumar Tayal
Location: Singapore
Contact details: +65-81127164
Email :
Website: www.math2shine.com , www.learninganalytic.com
Lokesh was exposed to Vedic Math during his engineering studies at the IIT, Roorkee, India. Over the next 20 years, Lokesh worked with some of the finest companies in the world. During all this time, a question that was always at the forefront of his thoughts was “Why the Vedic Math methods are not taught in schools?" and "How can we make these methods available to the globe?" He receive Vedic Maths teacher’s training certification from Mr. Kenneth William. He also learnt Vedic Maths from Dr.  Narender Puri from IIT, Roorkee.
Lokesh developed an innovative and comprehensive Math2Shine learning platform for Vedic Math and School Math. This platform provides a collaboration platform between students, parents and teachers. Math2Shine learning technology can precisely tell strong skills, weak skills and practice habits etc for a student. It helps to make education personalize to a student.
Lokesh has done his Bachelors of Engineering from IIT Roorkee, India followed by Masters in Industrial Engineering from NITIE, Mumbai, India.

Name: Hemalatha Ganapathy
Location: Singapore
Contact details  www.brainworks.sg
Hemalatha Ganapathy is a certified Vedic Mathematics tutor and has attained Vedic Maths Teachers Training Certification with Distinction as well as completed Advance Diploma in Vedic Mathematics from the Vedic Maths Academy. She is also a  Ministry of Education (Singapore) registered Enrichment Instructor. She is an avid learner herself who believes that all learning should embody something fun and creative to enhance the learning experience. With her experience and passion in both nurturing and learning, she practices her skills in providing quality enrichment courses to schools and students. Staying strictly on course with her core values of delivering excellence and constantly inventing new methods that help her students reach their academic, social and spiritual enrichment through a fun and creative way of learning. All programmes can be conducted in group or individual settings. For more information on Vedic Math lessons and other programmes, visit www.brainworks.sg or send your enquiries to


Name: Pierre Lucouw
Location: South Africa
Contact details
Chartered Accountant with a D.Com degree. Retired accounting professor, but still working as an auditor. Certified teacher of Vedic mathematics. Interested in improving mathematical  literacy through Vedic mathematics.


Name: Maria Luisa Arenzana Magaña
CLIL English & Maths Learning Centre
Contact detailsmathsenglish.weebly.com
Maria Luisa is a certified Maths and English teacher specialised in teaching young learners ages 3-14. She loves children and it is her passion to teach them through innovative and encouraging methodologies adapted to each and every individual’s interests and needs. The implementation of Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences allows her to bring out the best of every child, while cultivating awareness, happiness and kindness in her classroom. Maria Luisa is a Certified Teacher of Vedic Mathematics and she considers VM as one of the most efficient and motivational comprehensive systems of Mathematics in the world. She strongly recommends Pebble Maths and the Cosmic Calculator Course to Maths teachers who want to inspire their students and get excellent results from them.

Nacho Ruiz Cía
Location: Barcelona
Contact details:
Mobile/Whatsapp: +34 615 299 221
Who is Nacho:
Nacho is a Vedic Maths Teacher and Advance Diploma certified.
He has created the first ever spanish website on vedic mathematics and he also has wroten and published the first book about Vedic Maths in Spanish "Multiplica como nadie te había enseñado".
Nacho is giving seminars, talks and courses about Vedic Mathematics online and offline, if you are interested contact him.


Name: CHOURI Marwen
 mobile: 0021653431279

I'm a physics teacher and i'm very impressed by this maths system, the vedic mathematics is useful in all fields of sciences, it helps me and my students in the process of calculation.

Now I'm a vedic and physics teacher so i combine both sciences!
I will try to involve it in my lessons! 


Name: Manoj Talwar
Location: Feltham, London
Mobile: 0777 451 2928
I can teach Vedic Maths to anyone interested. I'm available at weekends and during weekday evenings after work hours. The Vedic Maths sessions can happen at my home or at learner's place as convenient to all participants. I can take online sessions via internet as well if the learner is at distant location and prefers online teaching.

Name: Chandana Upputuri
Location: Kent/London, United Kingdom
Contact: / 07814100047
Background: I am Human Resource Systems Consultant by profession. I have a great passion for Maths. I have received my Vedic Maths teacher training certification from Vedic Maths Academy under the guidance of Prof. Kenneth Williams. My aim is to spread the beauty and wonderful Vedic Mathematic techniques to the wider group ,specially  to kids. It develops their mental ability and analytical skills which will take them a long way in their educational journey. If you are interested and want to experience “Fun in Maths”, please contact me.

Name: Angela Henry
Location: United Kingdom, Manchester
Contact details: email:   mobile: 07743 644 192
Background:  I have successfully completed the Vedic Math Teacher Training Course with Distinction  and am a full time Mathematics Learning Coach at a secondary school in Manchester in which I have integrated Vedic Maths into the KS4 Curriculum.  I also provide private tuition primarily at my home address and run classes in Manchester commencing Tuesday 7th April 2015. 6:30pm – 7:45pm at Manchester Counselling Training Centre Moss Side M14 4SW.  The aim of the session will be to learn Vedic Maths which has been mapped to a GCSE Qualifications. My intentions are for students to have the option particularly those that are Post 16 to sit external examinations ranging from Basic Numeracy to a GCSE at different points in the course.  I am also looking at using an online platform such as Skype for distant learning students. Please feel free to contact myself via email or mobile for more information. Thank you.

Name: Ravi Riyat
Ph +44 (0)845 4678 019 mob +44 (0)788 602 4488
There is no child or person who does not wish to learn and grow in their own way – this is inherent in the very core of human nature. I have the privilege to see every child as they are. I do not judge their present ability but help them to realise their genius and to help them see it for themselves. The challenge to understand and see the beauty in mathematics has been lost in traditional western education and my aim is to help link current views with areas that they are inspired to learn develop. Vedic Mathematic provides the most valuable key that I have discovered to assist growth in the most effective and efficient manner, turning mathematical problems into puzzles that can be solved in a variety of inspirational ways.
I have achieved many qualifications including BSc(Hons), MSc as well as professional Building Engineering recognition. Previously having taught undergraduate and postgraduate students, I have devoted more time in recent years to invest in childhood development.



Name: Mrs.Usha Sundar
Place: Dubai(UAE)/ chennai/Bangalore(India)
Email id: /
Phone:  Dubai-00971507153025  India- 9035331838/9620647036
I am a qualified and experienced mathematics  teacher having experience of over 27 years. Most of my teaching experience (24 years) is from Dubai where I have taught international curriculum IGCSE/AS/A level classes. I have completed by teacher training  course and Advanced diploma from Vedic math.org (UK) under the able guidance of Prof.Kenneth Williams.  I would like to promote Vedic mathematics among teacher community as well learner's  and benefit quick process of evaluation against conventional method. I am available to teach online and offline. Please feel free to contact me for more insight on Vedic mathematics.


Name: Dr. Lana Neal
Location: Austin, Texas
Contact: 512-203-3773,
I am a private tutor specializing in mathematics. Private tutoring is available for students of all ages. I am currently enrolling students in small classes in Vedic mathematics. I am also available to tutor via Skype.

Name: Sarwan K. Aggarwal
Location: Boston, MA, USA (actually Nashua, NH, USA)

Contact details: , 781-981-1444 (work)
Teaching off/on, developing videos on you-tube, keep learning Vedic Math.

Name: Swati Dave
Location: Boston, USA
Contact details: Email:
I am a project management and educational consultant in Boston.
Since 2013, I am teaching Vedic Math to the elementary and middle school students in the local public schools as a part of their after school program.  In 2014, I became a certified Vedic Math trainer from “Vedic Maths Academy”. To promote Vedic Math awareness, I have conducted workshops at University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, Wellesley College, schools, local libraries, and, Indian organizations and events. My interest in Vedic Math is more as an educator. I want to promote the use of Vedic Math as an educational tool for the math teachers. I have seen the results in my classroom.
In June 2015, I presented a paper on “Challenges of assimilating Vedic Math in the K-12 math classroom” at a global conference in Bangkok.
I offer one-on-one and small group Vedic Math workshops for students and teachers in Boston.

Location: BOTHELL, WA, U.S.A
Contact:        Mobile: (001) 608-698-0240
I have successfully completed the Vedic Math Teacher Training Course with Distinction under the guidance of Prof. Kenneth Williams. I hold a MS Computer Science. I am a Math tutor teaching kids from KG to 6th Grade. Please feel free to email or call me for more information on Math classes. Thank you.

Name: Krishna Kirtan Das        
Location: California, U.S.A.
Contact details:
Graduated from University of California, Santa Barbara in Actuarial Science and Applied Mathematics. (B.A. & M.A.)
Works in Financial Industry as a Statistician
Tutor Mathematics/Statistics to children from grade 4 to high school (including lower division college Mathematics)
Teaches Vedic Mathematics to teenagers, ages 11-15.
Currently developing a Vedic Math website and online teaching programs for California.

Name: Sreenivasa Reddy Komma
Location: Cary, North Carolina, USA
I have always been interested in math and learning new skills which made me attend certified Teacher program. I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I will in near future do the advanced course as well but with the skills I leaned so far, I would like to do some teaching in the community and share my knowledge. Hopefully in the process I would inspire both Children and Parents to embrace Vedic math and also become advocates of it. Please contact me if you are interested in engaging me as your tutor.

Name: Bhavani Rajan
Location: Danville, CA, USA - 94506
Contact details: 408 981 6860 ( mobile )
Teaching off/on, developing videos on you-tube, keep learning Vedic Math.

Name: Ashwin Thirunahari
Location: Sacramento, California USA (Actually Folsom, California USA)
I hold an MS in Electrical Engineering. I am a computer chip design engineer. Math and science are my passion. I have been practicing and self-learning Vedic math for the past three years. I am looking forward to teaching Vedic Math to children in the age groups of grade 4 and up. I am also interested in doing further research on Vedic math, and its applications in other fields.

Name: Mr. Richard Blum
Location: Florida

Phone Number: (386) 672-4853
I have been a teacher and lecturer of Vedic Math for almost 20 years.  I am available for full/half day workshops and individual/group tutoring both in person and online through Skype (contact name actuary32174). Through my collaboration with Ken Williams and my book “Math is Not a Four Letter Word – An Introduction to the Study of Vedic Mathematics”, I have been trying to spread the merits of VM throughout the United States and the world. Please feel free to contact me if you want to discover a better way to learn math for you and your children.

Name: Sunita Razdan
Shrewsbury , MA, USA
Contact details:
An electronics engineer by profession, Sunita has worked as software/hardware Engineer in a wide variety of roles spanning Financial institutions,Manufacturing R&D  etc.. in India and US
Currently she has been teaching Math k-8 students and  works as a Substitute teacher in public schools and volunteers teaching Math to Non Profit Organizations.
Sunita is a Certified Vedic Math trainer with distinction from "Vedic Math Academy".Her goal is to spread Vedic Math's amazing and unique techniques to all corners of world.

Name: Janardhana Prasad S (Jana)
Location: Minnesota, USA
Mobile: 9524572389
I am a Manufacturing Engineer by profession. I have great passion for math. I am also a personality development coach working on speaking and presentation skills. I have received my VM teacher training certification from the Vedic Math academy. I teach Vedic Mathematics to kids and I am working towards bringing VM to more people. If you are interested in VM workshop in Minnesota, please contact me.

Name: krishnapriya Rautroy
Location: Plymouth, Minnesota, USA
Phone #: 2055789560
About myself: I am a Post Graduate in Physics from India. I have  taught mathematics to a small group of  elementary students at a private centre. Recently I have completed the VMTTC with distinction. I love maths and most importantly the Vedic Form of it. I will be very happy to help students starting from age 5 , in learning maths and having fun with it too.

Name: Mahendra Belani
Location: Edison, New Jersey, USA
Contact Info: email: , phone: 1-732-762-6369
I have been practicing and teaching Vedic Math for 2-3 years, mostly to middle school students and adults as well.  I can do workshops live or on-line to help spread the word.

Name : Leena Singh
Location : New Jersey, USA
Contact details : ; 732 446 0696
Able to teach children or adults who want to learn this system of mathematics.

Name: Nathan Annenberg
Location: New York City
Contact details: email:     phone: 718-530-3729
Background: 4 Masters degrees in education, most relevant: MS in Mathematics Education I have 40+ years in NYC public school education, and am now in my retirement a math consultant/coach who goes into public schools with distressed math programs and turns them around. With my recently acquired Vedic math background, I am that much more empowered to accelerate my already existing success. My consulting extends from grades K through 12. I have written math books on how to better math learning from elementary through middle through high school.

Name:  Pankaj Singh
Location: New York City and Long Island, New York
India: Mumbai, Delhi and Jamshedpur, India
Contact details: +1 212 951 1475 (US); +91 9204053526 (India);
An experienced Math teacher with over 10 years of teaching experience. He teaches Vedic Math in New York City and Long Island, New York and also in Mumbai, Delhi and Jamshedpur, India. He helps Grade 3-12 students become proficient in Math.


Name: Jithendar R Yalla
Location: Albany NY USA
Contact details:
I am a Software Engineer and a math lover from my child and glad to be part of VM group. Currently I am teaching the kids ages 10-11.

Location: SEATTLE, WA
I am a certified trainer in Vedic Mathematics, under the guidance of prof. Kenneth Williams.
 In addition to, I am holding a MS. Physics, and a BS. Electrical Engineering. I taught for few years at Henry Cogswell College as an Adjunct Faculty. I am currently a manager in the terminal engineering division. I am looking forward to teach Vedic mathematics at all level in the King county and Snohomish area.

Name: Sreenivasa Ainapurapu (SuSri)
Location: USA - St. Louis, Missouri / Herndon, Virginia

(314) 601-5309

Profession: Computer software
Hobby: Sharing Math knowledge. Sharing VM knowledge for the past 9 years. Contributed in various states of US - Missouri, California, Texas, Louisiana and also in India.
Prefer middle school & high school (grades 6 and above)

Name: Dr. Ashis Kumar Das
Location: DC Metro Area (Washington, Virginia and Maryland), USA
Contact details:
I am a Medical Doctor with a PhD in Public Health, currently working as an International Public Health Specialist in Washington, DC. I am a Certified Vedic Mathematics Teacher with distinction by the Vedic Maths Academy (UK). To spread the awareness about Vedic Maths, I have been conducting workshops and learning sessions in USA, India and Africa. Please feel free to get in touch with me if you would like to learn more about this amazing system of Maths.

Name: Indira GovindaRao
Location: United States of America
Contact details:
614 9291018
Masters in computer science and maths. Done Vedic maths training course. Ready to teach Vedic maths. Had taught maths and willing to peruse Vedic maths.





Jain, Mailto:
Jain is currently demonstrating and teaching Vedic Mathematics in the Eastern parts of Australia and runs regular weekend seminars linking Sacred Geometry to the 16 Sutras. He lives at Mullumbimby Creek.


We, at ‘Math –Guru Academy’ have been teaching Math for Academic and Admission & Job test preparation in Dhaka, Bangladesh since 2012. We have also been conducting Workshops on Mental Math, Vedic Math and Speed Math and have trained more than 100 participants for the last 2 years.

M. Mainul Maksud Quaes, director of the academy and the author of the book ‘Is Math So Easy!’- a book on tips, tricks, secrets and shortcuts of Mental Math has undergone extensive research on Vedic Math.

Anyone from Bangladesh desirous of learning and undergoing workshops please contact:
Math –Guru Academy
Dhanmondi-15 (old), Dhaka, Bangladesh
Contact number: 01936827500, 01552342382



INDIA, Ahmedabad

Name: Maths Genius
Address: Shop No. 1, Vyapar Bhavan, Nr. Nalanda Hotel, Abad
Phone: 91738-40779
Website:  http://www.mathsgenius.co.in

INDIA, Bangalore / US, New York City

Mrs. Ranjani Chari
Pioneer, in-depth work in Vedic Math is being carried out since 30 years by Ranjani earlier as, a central school math teacher and later while being a teacher in New York City schools. Many teachers and faculty heads were trained with regular work-shops and classes in VM all over India in general for CBSE, in addition to preparation for JEE and CAT exams. She has conducted Lecture/Demonstration in Indian institute of Science, Bangalore, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in London, Global Indian International School in Singapore, United Nations International School in New York , knowledge Square center in Sharjah and many more places. In appreciation of her work Ranjani was awarded Research Fellowship by the Govt. of India on "Vedic math and its relevance to current mathematics Syllabus in schools". Presently she is a professional consultant for mathematics in BASE, Bangalore. She is available on Skype and in Person on invitation for these lessons. Please see her books on VM in the resource book section, will be available in 2 months (2nd Edition). Vedic math Teacher Training and regular Foundation course is planned from  Dec 22nd to Dec 29th in Bangalore. Also starting on line VM coaching, combining with Regular mathematics for school level. Any one desirous of learning and applying with teaching can  undergo these classes.This will be available from15th of Dec on weekends.
Ph-INDIA, 918277491624(M), 918023560393(L) US 1-646-843-9794

INDIA, Baroda
Name :-                Pradip Tilekar

Qualification :-      B.Sc. B.E. MBA
Expert Faculty :-   For Physics, Vedic Maths and General Aptitude.
Location  :-            Baroda, Gujarat, India.  Pincode:- 390019
(M)     9824375930.                                       Email :-   
Willing to travel anywhere in India or world.


Suresh Babu
Conducting classes of Vedicmaths in Cochin and teaching children above the age of 10 years. (Ph: 98470 33977). web site www.speedmathsacademy.com. Email:


Mr.Ranjit is the managing Director of "Maths Mantra". Email: . His contact number is +91991527788.


Mrs. Lawrence Selin Raja is teaching Vedic Maths for past two years in Chennai. She is conducting Vedic Maths Classes in Schools where Vedic Maths is included as a separate subject in their Curriculum in Chennai. Also she conducted Vedic Maths workshops in many schools of Chennai. Also Coaching students from Age Group of 6 years to Unlimited. She is an Upcoming Vedic Maths Trainer with great passion of implementing Vedic Maths all over Tamil Nadu before 2016.
Lawrence Selin Raja, B.E., M.S
Vedic Maths Trainer
Elims Academy, Perambur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Office: 044-25371009
Name:  Anbazhagan Devaraj
Location: Chennai, India
Contact details: Email : 
Telephone:     +91 9940403639
Am a Senior Software Engineer, working in a MNC. I hold a Masters Degree in Computer Science and hold Master of Philosophy  I have been teaching Vedic Maths to students and also conducting Vedic Mathematics Seminars.
Would be happy to conduct workshops for a group of students or an individual student to teach Vedic mathematics. No prior knowledge in Maths is required, in fact students who consider Maths as their weak point are most welcome!


VEDIC Maths Academy
Sudarshan Nagar, MIDC,
Dombivli East - 421203
Cell No: +91 9819001760


Jyoti Moorjani <> has been teaching Vedic Maths since 2008. Can also train teachers in the subject. Contact No. is 9392418346


Our organization Success WIth Self (SWIS) has initiated three years ago, Vedic maths courses under the name Vegam (Veda Ganitam the Amazing Mathematics). The course is offered as four level study. Level I (Basic Course), Level II (Advanced Course), Level III (Expert Course), and. Level IV (Masters Course).
Apart from the Sunday classes we are organizing the course at Dayanand Anglo Vedic Public School (DAV). The course is covering over 1300 students.
Plot No.76B, H.No.42-603/10/1, Street No.3 MJ Colony, Moula Ali,Hyderabad 500 040, AP, India
Name: S.Sanjeeva Rayudu
Asst Prof, M.Tech CSE
Vedic Maths Coach
Motivational Speaker
IMPACT Trainer


INDIA, Kozhikode (Kerala)

Classes by K. K. Kumaran who has been teaching a basic and advanced level course since 2006.



INDIA, Kerala, Kottayam

P Devaraj, Vedic maths certified trainer of Ramanujasarani
Conducts workshops and regular classes for students,teachers,and general public on Ancient Indian, Vedic Mathematics.


Sindhu Karat Menon
Designs and conducts courses and workshops in VM.


Manohar K. Nair
Address:  A/ 205, Shiv Parvati Appts. Chincholi Bunder Road, Malad West, Mumbai 400064

Tel: 022 26353827 (R)
Works as Manager Operations in a company, but is very actively involved in conducting Vedic Mathematics Seminars and workshops for some time now.


Mrs Rajeshwari Mani Sharma

Conducts VM  classes for children as well as elders both in schools and privately.


Hemantkumar Jain.
Has been conducting Workshops on Mathematics in MUMBAI since the last 4 months and has trained more than 80 participants in Basic Skills of VM.
Tel : 2201 4555
email : ,


Govind Bahroos is teaching VM from 2002 and during last seven years hashave taught around 3500 students and 220 teachers spread all over India (viz: Srinagar, Punjab, Delhi, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharastra, Karnataka, Chhatishgadh, W.Bengal, Assam, Shillong, Manipur etc.). In mid August I conducted a 3 day Seminar at Malegaon (Maharastra) where I taught around 80 Students and 3 teachers). My aim is to teach up to 1000 teachers so as the knowledge of VM should be taught to more than 5 Lacs students who should not be slave of Calculators in future.
Contact: 982 123 7 420


Till now, I have trained more than 300 + students in VM basic/ advance course in last 3 years.
I am organising VM basic course of 6 days (daily 1&half hour) from 16th April 2007 to 21st April 2007 in mumbai.
Training location: Vile Parle-East, Mumbai-57
Multiplication practice: http://epractice.co.in/vedic/
Contact person: Sunil Sohani, Mumbai, India [mob:9820718441 or Tel 26826249]
Visit us: www.sohaniacademy.com


Mr. Chandresh A. Divecha is looking forward for the students from Standard V to Post Graduate Level
who wish to learn Vedic Maths.
Contact No.: 98211 55506

Web: www.vedicmathsforspeed.com


Mrs. Alpa Shah is a Vedic maths teacher, practising from 5 yrs. She has taught in many schools and is currently taking classes for basic and advance level in Vedic Maths.
PH NO. 9561875982. Email:


Mr. K.S. Raman
Contact Mobile No: 09325339383
We have been teaching since the past 2 years and have imparted this education to more than 1000 students


D K Arora
An Electronics Engineer from Delhi University (1976) with over 23 years in the corporate sector, has been teaching school leaving students who are preparing for admission to Engineering Colleges like IIT/DCE/NITs/RECs etc.
My way of teaching is application based. Til date I have covered over 500 students of X/XI/XII in various schools.

Anybody interested in Vedic Maths classes can contact me at: 576, FAIZ ROAD, KAROL BAGH, NEW DELHI 110005. Phone: 011-23676479 (8 AM - 9 AM or 8 PM - 9 PM) or email:


I am teaching Vedic Mathematics since 2000, and if you would like to learn Vedic Mathematics Please contact me at the following address

Jayanta Acharya

P.O.Box 12947, Kathmandu, Nepal


Singapore Vedic Academy, No.1 North Bridge Road High Street Centre #22-07 Singapore 179094.
Phone: +65 6338 8814 Mobile : +65 94528091 Fax: +65 63386311 Email:




Mrs.Helen Jayakumar. Tel: +00971507425190


Anusuya Kandanathan has been teaching Vedic Mathematics to hundreds of children in Dubai at Knowledge Square Children Development Centre for the past 5 years.
Contact number is 00971 50 6988143.

Email: ;

Hiren Sangani is a Maths teacher by profession, since 18 years in the educational field having 12 years of school teaching experience.
Teaching VEDIC MATHEMATICS past 6 years and has trained 8 course instructors.
We teach the students between the age of 9 - 16 years.

Contact :  00971569453691
Email : /




Math Mantra: Vedik Maths Classes for 8-12 year olds.
Website: www.mathmantra.org
Contact number: 01784 481279.




Name: Aakarsh Gottumukkala
Location: Redmond, WA, USA
Contact details: email: Phone: 425-281-8112
Skype username: aakarsh.gottumukkala
Background:  I have had several years of experience with tutoring and teaching mathematics to all ages and levels of students.  I love Vedic mathematics because it helps us learn how to use our minds well when doing mathematics.  Over the past year, I have helped teach Vedic mathematics classes to students at the ISKCON temple in Sammamish, WA.  I treat my mathematics students like aspiring young artists and my job is to facilitate their learning through dialogue and exploration of mathematical ideas.  Please feel free to contact me via email if you wish to have your child experience how creative and engaging the Vedic system is.  



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