Below is the list of planned improvements to this site. We will implement these as time allows.

N.B. as the webmaster has a full time day job, limited time can be spent on developing the technical features of the website. If you wish to see matters progress at a faster rate then we suggest you visit the Donation Page to make your own contribution to the development of this material.

Planned Improvements


Expand the range of tutorial material available.

Integrate the tutorial material with the rest of the website (on a sub domain at present)

Create Moodle style courses for Vedic Mathematics (maybe be integrated into website depending on what course tools are available at the time).

It is eventually hoped that the tutorial/course material will eventually cover a large proportion of the mathematical curriculumn.

Develop versions of the tutorials that are based around hearing/speaking rather than visual material that is seen on a screen.


Have copies of the articles on the site that are just references at the moment.

Make greater use of Videos (youtube etc) to explain content of the website etc.


Have a community Forum so that discussions can be had on :-

  • Topics in Vedic Mathematics
  • Courses in Vedic Mathematics
  • Products related to Vedic Mathematics
  • etc.

Improve the newsletter (e.g. copies available in PDF for better presentation of mathematical formulae etc).

Have registered users, allowing a community of people interested in Vedic Mathematics to contact each other.

Integrate chat room and conferencing facilities into the website.

N.B. some of the community features will need constant management, therefore preference will be given to developing content e.g. the tutorials etc before expanding the community features.


Ideally we would like proper translations of the material on this website (including the tutorials), as opposed to the Google translate option we currently have as an option on the web pages (which appears to have limits to how well it translates pages).

We would hope to provide translations into a range of languages used worldwide

As this is likely to incur costs and be be a very time intensive task, preference will again be given to developing the tutorial material on the website, before expanding other areas of the website.


We hope to make the website more accessible by those with disabilities (of whatever kind, whether this is being blind, deaf or just having a slight visual impairment).

As this is likely to involve a lot of restructuring of the website, preference will again be  given to developing the tutorial material on the website, before expanding other areas of the website.


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