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ISSUE No. 32

Vedic Mathematics is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people are introduced to the beautifully unified and easy Vedic methods. The purpose of this Newsletter is to provide information about developments in education and research and books, articles, courses, talks etc., and also to bring together those working with Vedic Mathematics. If you are working with Vedic Mathematics - teaching it or doing research - please contact us and let us include you and some description of your work in the Newsletter. Perhaps you would like to submit an article for inclusion in a later issue or tell us about a course or talk you will be giving or have given.

If you are learning Vedic Maths, let us know how you are getting on and what you think of this system.


This issue’s article is about the VM Workshops recently held in Calcutta. The Overview is from Debmalya Banerjee and it is followed by a note from the course leader Dr Abhijit Das. We have seen some of the extremely positive newspaper articles that were published about this event.


The World Academy for Vedic Mathematics, an integral part of the main foundation in Nagpur, the International Research & Resource Foundation for Indian Heritage is the core body working for the cause of Vedic Mathematics across the world. The Academy, in association with “Padatik” a cultural organization in West Bengal primarily working for Performing Arts arranged 3 days workshops in Kolkata on 9th, 10th and 11th June 2003. The Kolkata workshops were the first of its kind held at Eastern Zone of the country. Dr Abhijit Das, an expert on the subject from Mumbai, conducted these events. These workshops drew large crowd with overwhelming response from participants from Kolkata & neighbourhood states, as a result of which nearly 200 participants enrolled. In order to cope with the huge outcry the “Padatik” had a tough time arranging the sessions daily & they had none other option, but to request the Academy to plan for more workshops in the future. Most of the leading newspapers & the leading Television channels of Kolkata too covered the event with lot of curiosity & excitement.

The most interesting observations of these Workshop are as follows:

  • The participants included students (Schools & College goers mostly), M.B.A and Engineering aspirants, housewives, businessmen, lawyers, even a renowned teacher who coach students for entrance exams of all levels.
  • The age of the participants ranged from five to sixty-five.
  • The questions that the organizers had to encounter most was-When is the World Academy going to arrange the next series of workshop.

The Academy in its sustained efforts to promote Vedic Mathematics, thus, crossed another milestone in its spiritual journey towards goals rare to accomplish in this country.

From Dr Abhijit Das, Course Leader:

The response to the vm workshop at Kolkata(Calcutta) was absolutely overwhelming. Though initially only one workshop per day was planned, I ended up doing 3 workshops a day for three
days; a total of about 200 participants registered. During the last session there were people literally on the floor. A huge number had to be turned away for lack of space. There was everyone
from 8 year olds to management graduates.

Most of the participants were amazed at the methods and since each one had three days to learn , i could teach them some algebra including factorization, a bit of anurupenya. This was one of the
few workshops where i taught algebra. The coverage by the media was also amazing including three interviews and a television coverage. There was also a tv station which recorded about 9
sessions of teaching. The WAVM is planning further workshops in Calcutta since there has been a huge demand.





A School Mathematics teachers orientation seminar is scheduled for 26th, 27th , and 28th of this month. It is at Ranchi. Regional Director, D.A.V institutions, Ranchi Zone is organizing it. It is
a group of 74 public schools of Jharkand  state. It is being organized and conducted with focus upon the approach and research results in the area of Vedic Mathematics and geometry of Dr S K Kapoor, who will also conduct the seminars.


Dr Kapoor’s, new web site (formerly www.geocities.com/vedicmathematics) is now located at:


Seminar On Vedic Mathematics + Brain activation

Jayanta Acharya will be running a one day seminar on VEDIC MATHEMATICS and Brain activation, in Kathmandu on September 20 with a two hour introductory talk on Saturday(Cost $100)( and Rs 1500 for Nepali).

The One day workshop is by bookings only, phone: Jayanta Acharya :

01-977-4433781or by email:

Venue: Kathmandu, Nepal

Jayatna Acharya: is an assistant Professor at Mahendra Sanskrit University and he is the first Vedic mathematician from Nepal. He has received the gold medal from the university having a first-class position in his master’s degree. He has already given a talk about Ancient Mathematics and Vedic Mathematics at the university.


Between July 8 and July 11 Mala Nataraj presented a seminar/workshop to teachers at the New Zealand association of Mathematics teachers conference held in Hamilton.

A condensed version of her paper of last year (see newsletter number 30) has appeared in The New Zealand Mathematics Magazine, Vol.40 No.1 March 2003, 34 - 51


Dr. Carlos Maya from México informs us about a new handbook on vedic mathematics. The author is Rejeshwari M. Sharma, who is a mathematics scholar with The Indian Planetary Society. The book is an excellent introduction to Vedic Mathematics, very clearly explained, with a lot of examples and exercises. The author can be contacted at:

Rajeswari Sharma tells us: “the handbook I have written is a small book for children aged 10 and above as well as for elders who are beginners. It is also a course material which I give to those who attend my workshops. I usually conduct workshops lasting for about 9 to 10 hours covering all the basic topics. My workshops are mainly aimed at schoolchildren but many times even elders attend them. It covers addition, subtraction, multiplication( all type covering general and special cases), divisions, squares and squareroot, cube and cuberoots, verification using digital roots. (I am planning to more topics in my next editions like general cases of  squareroots and cuberoots, factorisations etc.)”


I am happy to inform you that a "Vedic Mathematical Forum" is working in the premises of "Aurobindo Society" in the city of Agartala, the Capital of Tripura State, India since last decade.
Please read details in http://tripura.nic.in/VedicMaths/ .


On 22nd June Andrew Nicholas gave a Workshop at the SEAL Conference (Society for Effective Affective Learning) at Keele University, UK. This is a cutting edge organisation dealing with innovative methods of learning: the Conference was titled “Lightening Learning – Awakening Consciousness”. This Workshop was very warmly received: one lady told Andrew afterwards “I will never be frightened of maths again”.


There will be a Vedic Mathematics seminar at the University of Melbourne on 9th November, 11am. This will be given by Dr Subhash Challa of the Dept. of Electrical & Engineering Electronic and will be in the Greenwood Lecture Theatre, Level 1, Electronic Engineering Building.


The page ‘VM Tutors’ at the web site www.vedicmaths.org is attracting attention from people wanting to learn Vedic Mathematics. If you tutor VM or give courses please consider putting something on this page: there is no fee, just send us the details.



EMAIL: This is in response to your note asking for details of members who are working with VM. I got interested a few years back but have been seriously pursuing it for about 2 years. I have taught the methods to school students and adults whose response has been very excited. So far I have interacted with about 300 students .

I feel the methods must be taught at an early age to benefit children. I feel it is a powerful tool to remove the phobia that children have started exhibiting towards Maths.

I find your newsletter a great way to keep updated and for discussions. 

Please keep up the good work

EMAIL:    I am a 3rd year b_tech student at IIT MADRAS. I have read and practised some methods shown in a subscription book from a friend. I am greatly enthralled by the simplicity in the methods for solving various problems. To discover that such a system existed in India  from a long time is heartening and at the same time depressing. Depressing, because not many people are aware of such a beautiful system. I am greatly interested in knowing the recent developments and hence would like to subscribe to the news letter.


If you want to know about Vedic Mathematics Workshops or research in India send an email to Mr R. P. Jain at


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15th July 2003


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