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Following Newsletter No. 4

#1. This is a special announcement to inform you of a seminar to be held in
Singapore on 13th November. The seminar will give an introduction to Vedic
Mathematics to teachers and other interested parties and is being organised
by the 'Centre for Vedic Mathematics', Singapore. This will be from 1430 to
1630 hours. The main presentation will be by Kenneth Williams and a prominent
government minister will be in attendance. There will also be wide local
media coverage. There is no cost for the seminar but early confirmation is
essential (if you want to be sure of a place) and not later than 31st October.
For further information contact the organisers at:

#2. An eight week seminar on Vedic Mathematics is under way in Ireland. It is
on Saturdays from 10 to 11 a.m. at the School of Philosophy and Economic
Science, 49 Northumberland Way, Dublin 4. For further information contact:

#3. The initial bargain price for the new book 'The Circle Revelation' will
be held at 5 pounds until the end of the year only.

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23rd October 1999


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