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Seminar in Singapore

A Seminar on Vedic Mathematics took place in Singapore on 13th November 1999
from 1430 to 1630 hrs. Mr. Sidek Saniff, Senior Minister of State for
Environment was present. Prior to his current position, Mr. Saniff was the
Minister for Education. About 200 principals and teachers were in attendance,
representing over 100 Primary and Secondary schools, including the top-notch
schools in Singapore. There was extensive media coverage. The event was
organised by The Centre for Vedic Mathematics, Singapore and the presentation
was given by Mr. Kenneth Williams from the UK. Mr. M.P. Kanisan, a prominent
lawyer, introduced Mr. Williams who went on to give the background on Vedic
Mathematics followed by a series of examples designed to bring out the
coherent and integrated nature of the system and to compare with the
conventional methods. Participants had a folder and several Worksheets which
they practised on from time to time. There was a lively question and answer
session at the end.

It seems the participants were overwhelmed by what they were shown: they were
totally unaware that there were simpler methods; that they were so powerful
and that they were so much more unified than those of the current system.
Participants interviewed after the event by the media gave extremely
enthusiastic responses (see below) and there has been a flood of requests for
books and to be put on this Newsletter mailing list.

After the questions and answers session, the Minister was given a momento of
the occasion (a Vedic Mathematics book) and he gave a short impromptu speech.
He admitted that he was thoroughly impressed. He asked to meet the organisers
and Mr. Kenneth Williams for tea after the Seminar and expressed his wish
that Vedic Mathematics be used in Singapore schools. Consequently plans are
under way to introduce Enrichment courses, initially in Primary schools.

Singapore is known throughout the world for the excellence of its education
system and so it is perhaps not surprising that this country has taken an
interest in the beautiful system of Vedic Mathematics. And no wonder that
Vedic Mathematics has been hailed as 'The Mathematics of the Millennium'.

The Centre for Vedic Mathematics in Singapore was formed to help disseminate
Vedic Mathematics globally and particularly in South-East-Asia and Australia.
It is the hope of the Centre that some day, Vedic Mathematics would also be
introduced as a separate subject by itself to students at higher levels from
the age of 15 onwards; preparing them for 'Ordinary' & 'Advanced' level exams
and beyond. Students and teachers alike, have been astounded by the
simplicity of the Vedic Maths methods used to solve complex problems with
little effort. It is time that Vedic Mathematics be given its rightful place
in the field of Mathematics as a speciality by itself. The Centre is in the
midst of preparing correspondence courses and distance-learning programmes in
collaboration with Mr. Williams and his colleagues to allow anyone from
anywhere in the globe to learn the Vedic Maths techniques both through the
regular postal network and the Internet. Please keep tuned to this Newsletter
for further information.

# A Note from Kenneth Williams:
The seminar was organised by the new Centre for Vedic Mathematics. Mr.
Kanisan and Mr. Raaj prepared everything with the utmost care and
professionalism. I would like to thank these gentlemen, and especially Mr.
Raaj, who worked tirelessly over a considerable period to ensure the event
would be a success. Their generous hospitality and kindness was also evident
with the many other people I met in Singapore.

# Quotes from the TV interviews of course participants:

"I have always had a phobia of Maths until I saw how easy and simple it was
using Vedic Mathematics" - Agnes Toh, Secretary from Singapore & Seminar

"Students usually have problems working out long multiplication and division
sums. But Vedic Mathematics uses addition and subtraction to solve these
quite easily without much effort" - Vasugi Mani, Principal from Singapore &
Seminar Participant

"Problems unable to be solved with standard formulae are easily solved using
the sixteen Sutras found in Vedic Mathematics" - Premalatha, Maths Teacher
from Singapore & Seminar Participant

"In modern or conventional Maths, you have to do many steps to obtain
answers but in Vedic Mathematics, all you need to do is one or two steps and
you're done" - Susantharan, Secondary Student from Singapore & Seminar



#1. Books can now be ordered through the Centre for Vedic Mathematics in
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#2. If you would like to organise a presentation on Vedic Mathematics by Mr.
Kenneth Williams, please contact the Centre (see above).

#3. Vedic mathematics books are available in the USA from:
a) The Sacred Science Institute
tel: +1 909 659-8181

b) 21st Century Bookstore
tel: +1 800 593 2665
fax: +1 515 472 8443

#4. The article in our Newsletter Number 3 was on Sri Bharati Krsna Tirthaji
who rediscovered Vedic Mathematics. It has come to our attention (a gift from
Motilal Banarsidass) that there is a book entitled 'Jagatguru Shankaracharya
Shri Bharati Krishna Teetha (His Life, Thought and Literature)', 1997, by Dr
T G Pande and published by B R Publishing Corporation. The ISBN is
81-7018-931-4. This excellent book does, as the title says, give much detail
and insight into the remarkable life and work of Sri Bharati Krsna Tirthaji.

#5. Andrew Nicholas has recently returned from his visit to the US where he
had great success in promoting his new book "The Circle Revelation" (the
price of this book, which is currently GBP 5.00, will revert to the retail
price of GBP 9.95 at the end of this year).

#6. The article "Vertically and Crosswise" published in September's issue of
"Mathematics in School" can now be viewed on our .org site (click on
'Articles on Vedic Mathematics' on the home page and you will see the link)

#7. Many other changes and additions have also been made to this site
including a page on "Organisations using Vedic Mathematics", a "Purchasing
Guide" for prospective buyers of books and an article on "Calculating


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12th December 1999

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