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This issue’s article is from Swati Dave at the IAVM, and is titled “IAVM International Projects and Initiatives of 2021-2022”.
We are really excited about the assistance the international Vedic Math team is offering our project.”





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This was a big success and the report is attached to this email.



This article is published in our Online Journal and is written by Dr S K Kapoor. It is titled “Steps To Glimpse And Imbibe The Organization Format Features Of Text Of Vedic Ganita Sutras And Upsutras"

This is the first of a set of 5 papers which can all be accessed here:



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IAVM International Projects and Initiatives of 2021-2022

April 2021 SA  -  May 2021 - India  -  Oct 2021  Lebanon  -  Oct 2021  Egypt  -  Nov 2021  Philippines  -  April 2022  India

….. and the journey continues


April 2021 - South Africa

Nolali Education Centre

This report from Debby Potgieter of NEC says it all:

“We are really excited about the assistance the international Vedic Math team is offering our project.

Our relationship began by chance when we met Marianne Fletcher over the December holidays here in the Transkei. Marianne explained the concept of Vedic Maths, a technique which teaches mathematics using sutras which can be applied to maths problems, making it simpler to grasp. Students in our rural village miss the fundamentals such as the value of numbers as well as they don’t know their times tables and therefore Maths becomes a daunting challenge from a young age for many. We were keen to put Marianne’s ideas into action and she was keen to support our project. A couple of zoom meetings later, we met Marianne’s international colleagues who were all keen to support us and our new journey towards making Maths more comprehensible for these children has begun.

The international team have now designed worksheets, created video tutorials and tailor-made activities for us to implement at our education centre after school and we are thrilled with their input. We are fortunate to have Justin, our Maths volunteer, to lead the lessons, although today, the class was so big it was hands on for everyone.”

We have an exciting journey ahead embracing Maths, Maths and more Maths. Thank you, Marianne, Swati, and your team.

We hope to continue the programme this year.


May 2021 - India

Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalaya

IAVM conducted an introductory Vedic Mathematics Teacher Training programme for the teachers of Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalaya, India. This training program was conducted via live online sessions of 2 hour/day over a duration of 8 days. From the point of view of the presenters, as well as from feedback given by the KSV teachers, the programme was a great success. Gratitude goes to Ms. Agathe Meurisse-Fortier, Member and Co-founder, Mr. Adam Woodward, Secretary, and Mr. Sudharm Basapur, Director of Academic Studies of the Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalaya for their commitment to the professional development of teachers, as well Rajeshwari Godbole who introduced IAVM to KSV.


October 2021 - Iraq


We published the first volume of Teaching and Learning Resources, which is accompanied with a book of printable worksheets. The material from this has also been translated into Arabic by Mr. Thaer Raad, Creative Training Home, in Baghdad and put together in a beautifully illustrated book.


October 2021 - Lebanon

International Company for Academic Development (ICAD)

IAVM has partnered with International Company for Academic Development (ICAD), Lebanon to promote and disseminate Vedic Mathematics in Lebanon. For the 1st phase, IAVM successfully conducted a Master Training Program for Level 1 in October 2021.  The journey continues as the master trainers will now train the teachers who will then teach the students.


October 2021 - Egypt

Lebanese Educational Services

Partnering with Lebanese Educational Services to promote and disseminate Vedic Mathematics in Egypt, IAVM CEO Swati Dave represented IAVM during the launch on October 30, 2021.


November 2021 - Philippines

IMI IV - Inspirational Maths from India

In December Ike Prudente of MathINIC in the Philippines, in collaboration with IAVM, hosted the 4th Inspirational Maths from India conference. This was a three-day event with 40 seminars on a wide range of Vedic Maths topics. In addition to this IAVM ran its first round of Assessments with Certifications. There were 120 entries of whom half were awarded certification at Foundation level – Novice and Foundation level – Competence.


April 2022 - India

International Symposium on the Application of Vedic Mathematics in Digital Technology at MIT-WPU

From the point of view of the presenters, as well as from feedback given by the students and the faculty of MIT-WPU, the 2-day International Symposium on the “Application of Vedic Mathematics in Digital Technology” was a great success. Approximately 500+ participants attended the symposium.

Our sincere gratitude to Prof. Dr Milind Pande, Pro-Vice- Chancellor, Prof. Dr Shubhalaxmi Joshi, Associate Dean, Faculty of Science, the organizing committee, the faculty, and the students of MIT-WPU for all their support and encouragement.


May 2022 - Lebanon

International Company for Academic Development (ICAD)

IAVM successfully completed the assessment of teachers from European Lebanese School, for Level 1 certification. The school plans to integrate Vedic Mathematics into their school curriculum from the upcoming academic year in Fall.



In-Person Conference

The IAVM will be hosting the 5th International Vedic Mathematics Conference on August 11th-13th at Kalady, Kerala, 

Due date for Call for papers is now extended to June 15th, 2022. Please continue checking our website for further details.


How can you help?

We are in need of additional financial support to fund this year’s 5th International Vedic Mathematics Conference. Unfortunately, post pandemic due to the increased request for grants Tata Trusts are no longer able to sponsor us this year.  Although we have a secured some grant, we need an additional amount a total of 6 Lakh INR to pay for meals, resources, printing, advertising, travel, etc. If 300 people each donate $30, we will be able to run this wonderful event smoothly. The IAVM is a registered charity staffed entirely by volunteers.

Every donation, however small or large, will be very gratefully received and put to good use. If you support the promotion of Vedic Mathematics, its use in education and the latest research and development then please consider our sincere request.

Any sponsorship received will be publicly acknowledged and sponsors will receive a transparent account of funds. We are hoping to raise enough funds by the end of June.

Please find below the payment details for your donations.


Account details to make the payment in India: 

Name: Rubrix Education Foundation

HDFC Bank, Current A/c No: 50200010982238;

IVMO 2022

The International Vedic Maths Olympiad will be held on 10th September 2022. The details will be published soon. Sample papers and last year’s papers are available on our Competitions page.


Understandably, all these activities take many hours of preparation and our team worked tirelessly to accomplish this. To sustain and ensure that we continue we need your support.

Please check our volunteer page to see how you can be involved.



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