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 If you are stuck for a little puzzle to keep yourself amused in these unusual times please note that next year is 2021, which is composed of two consecutive numbers 20 and 21.

 Is 2021 a prime number we ask ??

 In fact it is not, but it is the product of two consecutive prime numbers !

 What are they, and when will the year again be a product of consecutive primes?

 Also note that 20, 21 are the first two parts of the ‘triple’ 20,21,29 such that 202 + 212 = 292.

What is the next pair of consecutive numbers that have the property that the sum of their squares equals a square number?


This issue’s article is from Sreenivasa Ainapurapu in the USA and describes a recent summer school on Vedic Maths.

“I wonder why they don't teach these in schools. These are so simple and easy.“






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Gratefully received from Sumit Gobinda Choudhury.

Suppose we want to differentiate the product (x2+5x+3)(2x–3)

By Vertical and Crosswise method we can do:

4        3       2       1


1x2   +  5x  +  3

0x2   +  2x  –  3


4.1.0x3 + 3(1.2+5.0)x2 + 2(1.-3+5.2+3.0)x + 1(5.-3 + 3.2)

 = 6x2 + 14x – 9.

 We can take this to degree 4, 5 and above.

Here "." represents multiplication symbol.

 The usual method is of course to multiply the two expressions and then differentiate term by term. But here we see that the Vertically and Crosswise Sutra gives the answer in one line using a simple pattern.



"Simple Harmonic Motion using Proportion"

by Kenneth Williams.

This paper shows that there is an alternative approach to the topic of Simple Harmonic Motion, allowing easy solutions using only Proportion, and showing simple relationships between distances, velocities and accelerations. This makes the solution to such problems child’s play and like solving a puzzle by finding missing values in a 3 by 3 grid.



 The Institute for the Advancement of Vedic Mathematics (IAVM) in cooperation with MATH-Inic Philippines and the World of Outbound, Inc, will present the “Inspirational Maths from India III (IMI III)” webinars on December 5, 6, 12 and 13 mainly for elementary and high school teachers and students in the Philippines.

 In 2018 and 2019, IAVM trustees and life members conducted the IMI I and IMI II seminar/workshops with thousands of teachers and students in the cities of Puerto Princesa, San Pablo, Bacolod, Iloilo, Quezon and Manila. A book, the “Inspirational Maths from India – A Teacher’s Handbook” was specially prepared by the IAVM for the participants of the workshops.

 This year due to the pandemic, the IAVM decided to go online with the six co-authors of the handbook Chair James Glover, trustees Swati Dave and Marianne Fletcher, treasurer Gowri Ramachandran and honorary life members Virgilio Prudente and Veronica Prudente as main speakers.

 Eight other Filipino IAVM life members who have also finished Advanced Diploma in Vedic Mathematics course offered by the Vedic Mathematics Academy will also make their presentations.

 Palawan Pawnshop Express Pera Padala, PisayDos (second batch of Philippine Science High School scholars) and the UP Tau Rho Xi Fraternity are the sponsors for the 4-day event.

 With IMI III, the IAVM hopes to accelerate the growing popularity of Vedic Mathematics in the Philippines and generate interest in the coming 1st International Vedic Mathematics Olympiad in April, 2021.

 Registration details of the IMI III webinars are posted in the Facebook page of MATH-Inic Philippines” at



The next course is scheduled to start on 11th January 2021.

Please join us if you can or pass on the invitation to any interested people you know of.






 We concluded Vedic Mathematics summer program 2020 last week, in which over 90 students attended. Close to 50 students from grades 6 - 12 and around 45 from grades 1 - 5. I heard very interesting comments from some students and excellent feedback from parents. Few organizations contacted me for classes. I could able to guide them to some extent. Whatever I shared here is just 20%. The credit goes to you, Bharati Krishnaji and many others who provided valuable information.

 Students' Comments:

  1. "I wonder why they don't teach these in schools. These are so simple and easy.", an elementary student's comment.
  2. "Can we have some more sessions?", another student from elementary.
  3. "Application of Urdhva Tiryakbhyam in Algebra, Geometry are great. Can you teach application of other techniques?", a high school student's request.
  4. "The program is too short. We could have more sessions.", by many students.
  5. "Uncle, hope you are well I was wondering if the documents the students made for us to help us were done by themselves or you help them because I would love to help you with it next week thank you for your time. Thank you ️", another student came forward to prepare summary of the session.

 Parents' comments:

  1. Thank you so much Srinivas garu for all your effort and time to teach Vedic math and showing the taste of it. Sethu really liked it and he discusses with his friends and challenges. He is proud of what he learned during these classes. the materials shared after each class are very useful. We will try to engage him with those materials. Thank you once again sir.

  2. Hare krsna Prabhuji dandavats, thank you for your classes. Mythili is showing lot of interest and liking the classes. Greatly appreciate your time, patience and guidance. Once again thank you for the nice Vedic math classes. Mythili has been learning a lot. 

  3. Hi Sreenivasa garu! Hope you are having a good weekend! Looks like Pranav really wants to do Vedic Math and sent an email to you but his name is not on the list. If you are still accepting students, would you please consider him?

  4. You are doing an awesome job... if we have an excellent teacher like u studying won’t be that challenging

  5. You have pretty much pulled every one into the FUN magnetic field and it is very informative and exciting to kids. Thank you very much Sreenivas garu.

 On 23rd May I attended a seminar on Vedic Mathematics, that was the first time I heard about Vedic Mathematics. One of my friends told about this and asked me to join the orientation. My kids from high school and middle school also joined. During the orientation, Mr. Sreenivas gave many examples and how to extend that to Algebra, Geometry. My kids felt awe-stuck. Without second thought we registered for the program.

 As week by week passed, I could see the joy and confidence in my kids. The presentation used to be very focused, giving attention to each & every student. All the students used to participate waiting for their turn. I don't understand how Mr. Sreenivas used to handle them. No disturbance, moreover the students used to encourage other students if they do awesome job without jealousy and comparison. Many kids asked the question again and again whether July 25th is the last day. They couldn't digest the fact that summer program is done for 2020. My kids felt restless on 1st August as there is no class on 1st August. They tuned to the program so well. I can confidently say the kids had best summer program ever. They started demonstrating the skills they acquired and occasionally tease their friends.

 I told many of my friends about the program and recommended it to them. Looking forward for next year's program myself and my kids all alike. Please let us know sir if you have any programs of this sort.

 End of article.


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8th November 2020


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