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This issue’s article (at the end of the newsletter) is an account by James Glover of the highly successful 2nd International Conference that took place in New Delhi from 27th to 29th December 2017.

“Many spoke of the inspiration they felt on hearing the various research talks and participating in the workshops”





This event is on 17th and 18th March 2018.

Everyone is invited to speak or watch, and as usual the Conference will feature speakers from around the world telling us of initiatives in various countries. There will also be VM Workshops, and presentations outlining recent research.

For details, registrations, and if you would like to offer to present see:

The website will be updated over the coming weeks as details are finalised.


This is the 16th batch of this highly popular course. Please join us if you can:


This book introduces trigonometry to children. This new edition is now available and has 4 additional chapters covering the solution of right-angled triangles without the use of a calculator.


This article titled “Complement Method” is by Vitthal Jadhav and shows how complements from 10 can make addition and subtraction very easy. It can be viewed here:


This excellent book on the Sutra "All from 9 and the Last From 10 "("Todos de 9 y el último de 10") is available to download.

It is published by our colleague Nacho Ruiz whose website is at:


The conference was on 27-29th December 2107 and was a big success.
Please see the main article at the end of this newsletter, and the photo gallery is well worth a look:


From Shubha Rao, Bangalore, 10th January 2018…

Last academic year for me with 10th graders was wonderful. I am a life science post graduate and I always saw math as a very high and "not reachable", "only for clever students" subject. But Vedic math disproved my belief. It is so down to earth and reaches every last student. I learnt it with you so happily and I was able to teach it to 10th graders for exams last year. They scored 72% highest in board exam in math. We took only 3 months to complete and practice actual textbook syllabus. Rest of the time we did only VM and got familiarised with sutras.  

And I can't forget to mention this:

Children in our school are not from well to do families. They are all from slums of Bangalore and are the poorest of the poor. But they are all VM experts now. They teach it in their communities to other children also.


From Jyothi Manohara, India, 9th January 2018

I'm getting very good feedback from  parents, teachers and especially students. Kids who hated Maths are finding it easy now.




CONFERENCE REPORT - from James Glover

December 2017

St Stephen's College, University of Delhi

The Conference held in New Delhi was a huge success. We had nearly 200 delegates and about half of these were students attending workshops. Many spoke of the inspiration they felt on hearing the various research talks and participating in the workshops. It was also a wonderful meeting of like-minded people and enthusiastic teachers, keen on research and development of Vedic Mathematics and it's use in education, computer design, together with finding a greater understanding of Indian Mathematical culture.  Delegates came from across India as well as overseas.

The IAVM is hugely indebted to Dr Pankaj Mishra of the Department of Sanskrit, for his tireless work in putting together all the arrangements and logistics. We would also like to thank Kuldeep Singh and Sita Giri for their indenting background support.

Research papers were themed as, New Applications of Vedic Maths sutras, Vedic Maths in Education, Ancient and Classical Indian Mathematics and Vedic Maths Techniques used in Computer Design. In addition to the presentations of new discoveries there were workshops for teachers and free workshops for school students. Even with such a broad scope and varied range of activities and talks the conference had a tremendous unifying effect on all those in attendance.

Our sincere thanks go to Tata Trusts for sponsoring this event. We also thank Kuldeep Singh and Sita Giri for their invaluable support and assistance.



The Institute for the Advancement of Vedic Mathematics is a UK based charity established to promote, disseminate, research and support the system of Vedic Mathematics internationally. The trustees and members are among the world’s leading authorities on Vedic Mathematics and have come together to offer services, host conferences and forums, and to take a lead on the integration of Vedic Mathematics into education through teacher training and the provision of resources.

We commenced our journey in early 2016 and we were conferred the status of registered charity in the UK. Recently, our main focus has been in organising the 2nd International Vedic Mathematics Conference at St Stephen’s College, Delhi (27th – 29th December, 2017). However, as we look back from where we started, we see that we have achieved a great deal in a short span of two years.

We continue to expand our programs and offerings to the community.

Future roadmap:

  1. Conduct Level I, II, and III (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) examinations for students
  2. Create downloadable practice worksheets
  3. Map the Conventional Math and Vedic Maths curriculum to identify gaps (if any)
  4. Support and assist any individual, school or organization with resources and scholarship to teach or promote Vedic Maths
  5. Create online resources
  6. Continue with our series of free monthly webinars.
  7. Conduct conferences on Vedic Mathematics

We hope that you will be able to volunteer to be a part in one or more of the above exciting initiatives and experience first-hand the pride we take in supporting the cause of Vedic Maths. If you are interested, please email us at or fill out the form enclosed in your brochure.

As a not-for-profit charity we rely completely on donations and appeal to your generosity to help support our work and meet our objectives. We are hoping to raise a modest $5000 for the forthcoming year. This money will help maintain our website, run free webinars, organise and run online conferences, produce resources for teacher-training and improve our digital outreach.

Would you consider making a tax-deductible donation to help us achieve our mission? Every donation makes a difference, and helps us move forward to reach our goals.

You can donate online at

We thank you in advance for your support!

With kind regards, IAVM Team


End of article.



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21st January 2018



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