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This issue’s article (at the end of the newsletter) describes how Vedic mathematics helped in recovering from illness.

“As time progressed I realised that doing this work was helping my mind to heal”



28th – 30th December 2016 at Kurushetra University, India.

Conference to feature:
• Research Papers
Research papers to include new research on applications of Tirthaji’s Vedic Maths, and contributions to mathematics from the classical and ancient Indian periods.
• Global Projects and Practices
Presentations from VM practitioners around the world sharing their initiatives, their success stories, future plans, challenges etc.
• Teacher Training Workshops
Workshops for teachers and educators on Vedic Maths concepts, and suggestions on how integrate Vedic Maths into their conventional maths curriculum.
• Parent and Student Workshops
Workshops for children, parents, and adults to enable them to see the magic, the fun, the utility, and the profundity of this wonderful approach to solving maths problems.
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Research scholars and educators are invited to submit papers for the Kurushetra conference, which aims to bring together researchers, educators, and Vedic Math practitioners across the globe to share their research, practices, and projects.
Papers relating to the following are welcome:
-    Applications and advancements in using the Vedic Maths sutras
-    Extending mathematics using the sutras
-    Vedic Maths in education
-    Classical and Ancient Indian Mathematics
-    Philosophy of Vedic Maths
Abstracts must be submitted by email by 30th September.
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We are delighted to announce that this book has now been translated into Japanese and is freely available. We are indebted to Sivaram Pusapati and his colleagues, Rie Takahashi and Tomoko Fujimaki, for taking on all the work involved in this task.


This is an introduction to Vedic Mathematics by Dr Kapoor. If you would like to hear the Vedic Maths Sutras sounded you can do so in this video - about half way through.


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Find the sum of squares of the first 8 natural numbers.  (i.e.  1^2 + 2^2 + 3^2 + ......... + 8^2 = ? )
1) find the average of the first 8 natural numbers.  ( ( 8 + 1 ) / 2 = 4.5 )

2) find ( 1 / 3 ) of the 9th odd number.  ( 17 / 3 )
3) Now do the following 8 * 4.5 * 17 / 3 =  204


Vedic Maths as a tool for healing the mind
I am 70 years old and am a teacher of Mathematics and a student of Vedic Mathematics.

In April of this year I went to America for 4 weeks where I had a very hectic work schedule. On my return I was unaware that I had been away and was diagnosed with Transient Global Amnesia.

After a short hospitalisation I needed to be looked after in my home as my mind was not functioning very well.

I had a student who came to visit me every weekend. I could not teach her so I decided to play the Introductory Course to Vedic Mathematics disc 1 (by Kenneth Williams). I did the calculations with her and initially made many mistakes. We would study for up to four hours on a Sunday afternoon using the book for practice examples.

As time progressed I realised that doing this work was helping my mind to heal. I could feel the effect after each session with my student. As we progressed through the work I gained more and more confidence in my mathematical ability (and my capacity to think clearly in general).

I suggest that Vedic Maths could be used as a most beneficial healing tool for people who have had strokes or are dealing with the onset of dementia.  
It is now three and a half months since my episode with amnesia and I have begun to teach again. I see that there are still subtle insufficiencies in my mental capacity, however I am pleased to have regained this level of ability and honestly feel that studying Vedic Maths during my convalescence was of enormous help.   

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15th September 2016


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