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Vedic Mathematics is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people are introduced to the beautifully unified and easy Vedic methods. The purpose of this Newsletter is to provide information about developments in education and research and books, articles, courses, talks etc., and also to bring together those working with Vedic Mathematics. If you are working with Vedic Mathematics - teaching it or doing research - please contact us and let us include you and some description of your work in the Newsletter. Perhaps you would like to submit an article for inclusion in a later issue or tell us about a course or talk you will be giving or have given. If you are learning Vedic Maths, let us know how you are getting on and what you think of this system.


This issue’s article is “Teaching Vedic Maths in Serbia” by Voja Trajkovic, one of our certified Vedic Maths teachers.




As mentioned previously next year sees the 50th anniversary of the publication of Sri Bharati Krishna’s book “Vedic Mathematics”.

Two Conferences are being planned: one online around the date of Bharati Krishna’s birthday (14/15th March), and a ‘normal’ conference later in the year.

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This is a new initiative from Dr S. K. Kapoor and colleagues: 1-10-2014 to 30-09-2015 is Vedic Mathematics Awareness Year.
One aim is to interact with the principal, mathematics teachers and management of one school a day.

All are warmly invited to join the awareness program of Vedic Mathematics. All teachers, parents and students are invited to Learn and Teach Vedic Mathematics for proper intelligence growth at School.

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“Decimal Form of a Fraction – Part 1” by Badriya Raihani. This gives an excellent introduction to the fascinating area of recurring decimals.



These excellent short videos take up one topic at a time. They can be viewed at James’ blog: Vedic Maths For All.



Our 3rd Advanced Diploma Course starts on 1st November. This is for people who have completed the Teacher Training Course or the Diploma Course. You should have received an invitation to join if you are eligible: if not please contact us at



“Vedic Mathematics - expanding the thinking process of students!!

Now I am taking classes for 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th grade students. I was teaching digit sum puzzles to 7th grade students. An ordinary class with a few exceptionally good students and the rest hard working ordinary students who hardly open up. I had given digit sum as 6 and asked them to come out with as many 2 figure numbers as possible. I had never expected the response I got that day. Almost all of them participated that day giving me the maximum numbers, not just direct numbers like 51, 42.....but could think out of box and give me numbers like 96, 69, 87, 78 .... I was really wondering at the power of vedic maths in expanding the thinking level of students, which is the main object of teaching and learning process.”
Shyla Ravishankar

"Mrs. Raihani I am glad that just after a " mini-course" you gave to my daughter, she starts asking questions on how to do some Math lessons which she used to avoid it.
I think my daughter will turn from a "hater of Maths" to a "lover of Maths" and this thanks to the VM system" [translated from the French]

"One of my clients is a high school math teacher. Since we home-school our children, I like to confirm with teachers that my son is not falling behind, so I showed her my son's mathematics workbook. She said that this is what she teaches to her high school (14-18 years old) students. My son will be nine at the end of September, 2014. My son is bright but not a maths prodigy. I attribute his skill, and enjoyment of mathematics to the Vedic maths methods, and to Kenneth William's crystal clear explanations of concepts. These have enabled my son to move forward step-by-step in a comfortable and easy fashion. He enjoys calculating all manner of things, on his own, and now he points out mistakes that his old dad makes too! Thanks Ken!"
Neil Myers, Yonkers, USA

ARTICLE for VM Newsletter 96

Teaching Vedic Maths in Serbia

by Voja Trajkovic

About 10 years ago I got Sri Tirthaji's book "Vedic mathematics" from friend and read it but not thoroughly. Then in 2012 I found announcement for VMTTC. I was delighted and of course I applied. At that time I didn't have a desire to teach VM, just wanted to systematize my knowledge about it. In the midst of course suddenly I realized how important it is to bring that beautiful knowledge to the people, especially to the children. At September 2012 I started 9 month course, one class weekly. About 15 adults attended course (some of them left after some time, some new came...). In June, 10 of them finished course. I asked them about their experience during and after course and collected some testimonials to have for some future course participants. Their experiences were different but all of them were content with new knowledge, easier approach to calculations and positive changes they noticed in mind functioning (most of them meditate). When I looked back to see what my experience is like, I realized that through teaching I fulfilled my wish to systematize my knowledge. I always loved math but now I really love to teach VM.

Last October I started another 9 month course. It was slightly different experience for me. I was more experienced in teaching and group was a little bit different than previous. This time there were a few school kids, adults and even elder lady (75+). Two participants were teaching in high school. It was interesting to hear exclamation: "Wow, this is 10 times easier than anything I knew about square roots!" made by man who was teaching maths in high school, when learned Vedic way to find square root of any number. In this group no one meditates, but they are interested in benefits VM can bring in brain functioning. I found VM very beneficial for the brain-I always calculate something mentally, last 2 years I often practice VM: squaring, finding square root, division...-but I noticed significant effortlessness and smoothness in brain functioning even when I do simple calculations like subtracting using Nikhilam sutra or "By addition and by subtraction". I found that people who learned VM from me easy learn new ways to do calculations but don't use them in daily life (when they are in situations when have to do some calculation they do it way they were learnt in school). One has to get used to use VM in daily life in order to have benefits for brain, it needs practice.

This October I will start another course with new group and first course with advanced topics since most of last course participants are interested for something more...

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6th October 2014


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