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Vedic Mathematics is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people are introduced to the beautifully unified and easy Vedic methods. The purpose of this Newsletter is to provide information about developments in education and research and books, articles, courses, talks etc., and also to bring together those working with Vedic Mathematics. If you are working with Vedic Mathematics - teaching it or doing research - please contact us and let us include you and some description of your work in the Newsletter. Perhaps you would like to submit an article for inclusion in a later issue or tell us about a course or talk you will be giving or have given.
If you are learning Vedic Maths, let us know how you are getting on and what you think of this system.


This issue's article is written by Ratheesh Radhakrishnan in Doha, Qatar. Ratheesh says: I am a graduate in mechanical engineering from college of engineering Thiruvananthapuram. Now I am working as a faculty of Mathematics for various competitive examinations. Along with that I am doing a research to speed up the mathematical calculations. For this I am mainly depending on Vedic mathematics.



This article has been sent as an attachment to this newsletter. You can also access it at http://www.vedicmaths.org/Community/Newsletter/2006/index.asp, in a few days.






This group, announced in the last newsletter is going very strong, with about 65 participants from 16 different countries. Even though most of the members are from India, participants from countries as diverse Croatia, Brunei and Macedonia have also joined. Rick Blum who runs the group has sent out seven handouts so far and these are very much appreciated by the group who keep in touch by email. If you are interested in joining you can contact Rick at: <mailto:>


In the last newsletter we announced the start of Math Monkey, offering Vedic Math as a supplemental education opportunity: see www.mathmonkey.com. One center is running in Weston, Florida, USA, currently giving Summer School classes, with the children apparently having a whale of a time: and learning math too of course. This is because the classes are structured to include a game that cleverly teaches the concept of that lesson. The first full session starts on 21st August and runs for 12 weeks.

You may also visit the Math Monkey blog at: http://www.mathmonkeyblog.com/ and there is also a blog for the children at: http://www.mathmonkeykids.com/.

A newspaper article on Math Monkey appeared in the Miami Herald on 24th June and it is reprinted below.

Kids count on Math Monkey
Special to The Miami Herald
For many of us, mastering the multiplication tables and other mathematical concepts stemmed from little more than rote memorization.
A new business in Weston is offering children another way to learn, using an age-old approach to math wisdom.
''The idea is that the children should use the calculator between their ears,'' said Kirsten Fisch, president of Math Monkey Knowledge Centers.
Math Monkey opened its doors in the Weston Town Center in early June. Fisch said the service offers children ages 6 to 10 a supplemental education program that focuses on giving youngsters math skills for life. It is based on a system called Vedic Math.
''It is a mental math system that illuminates various properties of numbers, rather than rote memorization,'' said Fisch, who calls herself the ``Top Banana.''
The system shows young learners where numbers are in relation to each other and how they work together. Instead of straight memorization, the logic of the equation is explained.
''Vedic'' refers to an ancient Indian system of mathematics that is rooted in 16 principles and blends mathematical logic, trigonometry, calculus and algorithms.
''We show them special properties that belong to numbers that allow you to calculate quicker,'' Fisch said.
To help promote understanding, Math Monkey created a game-based curriculum to keep kids engaged. Even the name, Math Monkey, is designed to keep them smiling. Fisch said the concepts help students think on their feet better, with more concentration and mental agility.
''While the focus is the math, there are some secondary benefits,'' said Fisch, who used to live in Weston but is now in Miami.
Fisch said Math Monkey is ideal for children who are performing on grade level but want to advance their skills.
''It doesn't just teach. It intrigues children in math so they will continue to want to learn,'' she said.
Many of the classes are taught by Fisch, a former early childhood educator. She moved from that field to the corporate world, where she spent many years traveling. It was in other countries she learned of Vedic Math.
Right now, the Weston location is the only center, but the service hopes to expand.
Math Monkey classes are set to begin July 12. There are four-week sessions that meet twice a week for 85 minutes. The cost is $199 per session. During the fall, three 12-week sessions that meet once a week for $149 per session will be offered.
The Math Monkey Knowledge Center is at 1642 Town Center Cir., Weston. Call 877-468-6284 or visit www.mathmonkey.com



Its summer time in India and the students of schools get a month long vacation. In some parts of India the vacations are of two months and this is the time where students relax and take part in lot of extra curricular activities from swimming to salsa-dancing from cricket to painting classes, and High Speed Vedic Mathematics of late.

It was my opportunity to tour the country and conduct workshops on High Speed Vedic Mathematics and promote the system.

To start off with three introductory one-day workshops were held in Birla High School and Mahadevi Birla Girls High School in Kolkata. It was well attended by over five hundred students. The best part of is that the respective principals and teachers of these schools took keen interest in organizing the workshop. They want their children to benefit the most out of the speedy systems of Vedic mathematics.

We did our first 6-day Workshop in Kolkata- the city of Joy. It was well attended by over sixty five students from various schools and colleges in the city. Students wanted to learn more concepts and the three hour duration of the workshop was always exceeded by pupils waiting to get more out of the faculty. The students were a very curious lot and right from the word go they wanted to know more about the history of the system to the whereabouts of the lost volumes. Some even got books and Cd's they had purchased on the system but were unable to understand. They were thanking themselves that they took the initiative to join the workshop in the first place. Kolkata students are a hungry lot for knowledge.

The next week took me to New Delhi- the capital city of India. I was to spend a month long time there as there were about six workshops lined up for me one after the other. I had been to New Delhi before and this time it wasn't going to be easy as it was the first time I would be experiencing the scorching Delhi Heat. Good God did I survive that.

New Delhi is a big city. Traveling from one end of the city to the other takes a lot of time and energy. The first of our workshop was scheduled in East Delhi and the Venue was Riverside Sports and Recreational Club. Little over a hundred students joined the workshop. There was a lot of publicity done in the newspapers prior to the workshop which led to a massive turnout and enquiries. The profile of the audience was very varied from school and college students to engineers from IIT to college professors.

In summers Delhi is hot. But the students of Delhi are hotter. They are smart, dynamic and young group of students. They are all from the top schools of the country like Delhi Public School, R.K.Puram, Modern School Barakhamba, Sriram School etc. This youthful group grasped the concepts well and asked some intriguing questions. There was a big discussion on Pi and the hidden meaning of Pi in the devotional hymn dedicated to Lord Krishna. They added that these were called mnemonics and gave other varied poetry to remember pi in English. They were highly impressed with this system of the Vedas and sought to learn more.

The second workshop was to be conducted in the evening in South Delhi which is an hour by car. So I had all my meals while driving to the place and starting the workshop. I would remember this particular group by the reaction they showed when the explanation of the Pythagoras theorem was given as to how simply they could calculate triplets. Their jaws dropped to the simplicity and they clapped. As a tribute to Swami Jagadguru Bharti Krishna Teerthaji they gave a standing ovation as well. This was a very humbling experience for me personally. The Master is more than a genius.

We were honored to have Mr.Raghunathan, Retd. Former Education Secretary to the Delhi Government preside over our closing ceremony where the students were awarded certificates. Mr. Raghunathan spoke on the importance of concentration and meditation in mathematics. He stressed on the importance of High Speed Vedic Mathematics in today's world and the students then interacted with him and he most willingly answered all their questions.

The next week was spent coaching over 125 students from the length and breadth of Delhi in two batches. As word of mouth spread our marketing team had a tough time handling enquiries. Our accommodation felt short of accommodating more participants.

Based on this incredible response we were forced to organize a fifth workshop in the third week of my stay in Delhi. We also decided that something should be done for the younger ones also and we organized a five day workshop for the students below the age of fourteen. These young ones are basically siblings of the senior students.

A Small batch of forty five students was prepared for the young students. Concepts such as Basic Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Basic Division were taught to the children. The children greatly welcomed when they were taught finger multiplication. This was so as this is very tactile to them. They were shown pictures based on patterns in nature based on the sutras of Vedic Mathematics. They were given worksheets and they enjoyed solving more questions.

The next week took me to a place 60 miles from Delhi to the state of Haryana and a small industrial town called Rewari. This is not as big a metropolitan city as New Delhi and hence the differences between town and cities were inevitable. I was expecting it too.

I was also told by my workshop coordinator Mrs.Vaish that I may need to explain some concepts in the local language Hindi as some pupils may have difficulties in understanding as English may not be a strong point. I grew little apprehensive as I wasn't sure if I would be able to serve them well.

The first meeting with the students proved all our assumptions incorrect. They all were from reputed schools such as Delhi Public School, Rewari etc and had English as their first language. They could understand me and I could understand them better. All concepts taught were well appreciated and the students commented that they never imagined maths could be so beautiful and fun. The workshop had in attendance members of the management of premier schools. The maths teachers were in attendance at both the batches of the workshop.

It was an adventure traveling and conducting workshops. The Vedic Maths Forum India wishes to thank its supporters specially Mrs.Gulabani, Mrs.R.Vaish, Jain of Australia, respected principals and teachers of various schools across Delhi and Haryana, and specially the students who attended in large numbers to make it a grand success. The tour is presently continuing and workshops are planned to be conducted in Chandigarh, Gurgaon, Noida and Kolkata in the next few months.

For further details, pictures and comments of participants on the tour please refer to VediKa- the newsletter of the Vedic Maths Forum India.

The Vedic Maths Forum India conducts workshops on High Speed Vedic Mathematics across the country in schools, colleges and universities. So far over 6500 students have been taught this beautiful system and thousands continue to learn it everyday.

The Vedic Maths Forum India would be more than happy to conduct workshops and seminars on High Speed Vedic Mathematics in your city across the world. You can reach us on or contact Gaurav Tekriwal at 098305-32264 for further details.

Thanking you
Gaurav Tekriwal
The Vedic Maths Forum India.


Most readers will be familiar with the Vedic method for squaring numbers that end in 5 (if not it is in the article that accompanies this newsletter). In a recent email Deb Vrat Varshney offered a method of squaring numbers that end in 4. Unfortunately we have completely lost contact and do not have the method. Perhaps some readers would like to come up with the method that Deb Vrat Varshney might have had, and we can publish it here. Please send in your solutions to mailto:


A book titled "Vedic Mathematics Made Easy" by Dhaval Bathia has been published by Jaico Books. It is on secrets of lightning fast mental calculation and has 257 pages. See www.jaicobooks.com


I am Mrs.Sujaritha from Chennai, Anna nagar. I was taking abacus last year. After leaving the job I came across the amazing system of vedic maths and learned the books of Kenneth Williams. Sir. I am so thankful to him that his book is easily understandable and after some practice I am teaching VEDICMATHS (ELEMENTARY LEVEL) for the students. So far I have taken for more than 30 students. I'll definitely teach as many as I
can and let the students get benefited.
Anybody who wants to learn VEDIC MATHS can contact me in this e-mail i.d:


Respected sir,
As you have entered my mail-id in the website I got a mail from a NGO organisation. They want to promote vedic maths to some of the village schools. They want me to come and teach their teachers and give intro of VM within a month.



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27th July 2006


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