By Lokesh Tayal

As a former Vedic Math teacher who now works as an instructor with Math2Shine, I'm writing this post to give a unique perspective as someone who had conducted classes in the paper-pencil mode and now in the Math2Shine Vedic Math tutoring platform.

At Math2Shine, I look after many students, including a family with three kids who switched from other Math franchises, so their children could explore the broader curriculum that Math2Shine offers. So whether your kids are currently doing another math program or you're just starting to look into math programs to support your child's math, let me share with you the 8 things to love about Math2Shine

I know everything that happens on the student side. 

In Math2Shine, I have a tutoring portal. I can see exact information about each of my students. I know which skills they are practicing, their accuracy, their speed of answering questions, and the steps they are doing wrong. It helps me prepare better for my classes and focus on weakness removal.

  1. Math2Shine offers a broad and varied curriculum of Vedic Math, School Math, and Abacus

I was teaching Abacus and Vedic Math earlier. There was a challenge that students would learn some simple tricks as instructed by me. However, after getting the training from Mr. Kenneth Williams and becoming a Math2Shine tutor franchise, I fully understand Vedic Math as a system. I teach it to the children and apply it to real-life situations. It is not possible to master Vedic Math as a course. It needs to be practiced thoroughly.

In Math2Shine, my students remain for a long duration; I am merging School Math, Vedic Math, and Abacus. If I find an understating conceptual issue with the child, I would indeed find a relevant visual worksheet to help the child understand the concept better.

In my classes on Zoom and the classroom, I would use Math2Shine With Steps worksheets to explain the concept. When children master the steps, I would be starting "Without Steps" worksheets and "Speed Building" worksheets. As we move forward, we use Math2Shine videos and School Math dynamic worksheets to target the skills improvement.

  1. Math2Shine Improves Your Child’s Math Skills

Math2Shine captures all the analytics. Every record is properly maintained. I see the improvement of children through their work history and Analytics.

  1. It is easy to Convince Parents to enrol their children in my Classes

I find a profound change in parents' outlook when I show them how I conduct classes and how children's improvements would be known to them. Whenever I would give a web demo to the prospective parents, I would have many parents sign up their children for the program. So many times, I started with one child joining the program; later, they would enrol their siblings in the program. This happened when they saw that what Mat2Shine offers, no other Math program in the world can offer. 

  1. My students practice skills, not just the static questions in paper worksheets or the software.  

I especially like the approach of Rules defining the questions in Math2Shine worksheets. If the same worksheet is attempted again, new questions are created by the math2Shine AI engine. It is unique, it helps me ensure that children are learning concepts and not cramming the worksheets.

  1. I am not alone; other teachers support me. 

Before the Math2Shine association, I was alone and doing my marketing to get the students. It was not easy. So many times, many aspects were not clear to me. 

Math2Shine has a core value of "Collaboration." The moment you join as a teacher, Math2Shine will assign a mentor teacher to you. A Mentor teacher will help you learn the software and the methodology for conducting classes and engaging students. I ran a parent's webinar recently, and two other fellow teachers supported my webinar. I also support other tutors in their webinars. This connection with fellow Math2Shine tutors is helping me develop friendships with other teachers.

  1. As a tutor, I spent more time teaching children and less on Admin tasks.

In Math2Shine, as children will solve the worksheets, these are automatically corrected. This correction happens not only for the answers but also for intermediate steps if the child is practicing the "With Steps" worksheet. It saves my correction times. 

I also use the Math2Shine platform's student engagement tools to conduct my classes better. 

During parent-teacher meetings, I used "Practice Analytics," "Skills Analytics," and "Worksheet Analytics" to create a feeling of "Wow factor" in parents. It helps me to retain students for a longer duration.

  1. I feel a sense of purpose in my life. 

Based on Kenneth William's courses, I learned innovative Vedic Maths methods from Math2Shine. It is the first time I have learned that so much scope lies in improving Math teaching globally. My approach to combing Vedic Math with the School Math curriculum is to make slow children faster; they do not make silly mistakes. I have noticed that children who hated Math earlier like Math now. This change is driving a purpose in my life "Eliminate Math Worry" in all my students.

  1. Math2Shine builds mathematicians, not just arithmeticians.

Vedic Maths is a system, not just a collection of tricks; it has a complete Math Curriculum. Kenneth Williams, Math2Shine founder and my teacher has done a deep research of 51 years and extended Vedic Maths Sutras from Arithmetic to Higher Math such as Algebra, Trigonometry, Power Roots and Equation, Astronomy, and Calculus. His authorship of 25 books shows his command of the subject.

If you are thinking of running a Math franchise program, you can seriously think of Math2Shine, and evaluate it from the angle of Pedagogy, Technology, and Tutor Care. Math2Shine's website is


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