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Sangeeta Ahuja, maths teacher, India I had never seen math like this before. My whole attitude towards learning math and teaching math to my kids has changed. Vedic math is a complete math system that teaches us to find patterns, simplify complex equations and make it fun.
Daniel Gabasa HomeBase tutor, Mangaldan, Pangasinan Philippines    What started as a simple search to help my kid do better in Math became a life-changing experience! Thanks to this ancient yet awesome and powerful system of calculation called Vedic Math, i did not only help my son win over his Math problems, i became a VM teacher myself! I am deeply grateful to Sir Ken Williams and e-gurukul for this amazing training experience. The training was INCREDIBLE! Mr.Ken Williams is an excellent teacher as he is able to explain each course very clearly with enough examples and practices to do. Each lesson builds on each other and were all very intentionally helpful.
Anup Kumar Gupta, Bangalore - India

I would like to give my 10/10 for this course conducted by E-Gurukul team. The course format and the content is of the best in class. I would believe Ken is a great trainer with a lot of patience and flair for teaching.  All the topics were just very good and very nicely paced. Ken was very good at explaining the new concepts.

The best part of the entire program was the discussion forums. we never felt disconnected from the real world.

Varshneya Mridula, Maths tutor, Vadodara, India    This course has come at the right time for me, I wanted a change from my routine teaching of conventional maths for last 22 years." The teacher appears when the student is ready " holds true for me. I used to go through VM books from time to time but this course has been made so  very systematic and interesting, I am enjoying it so much that I fear I will feel vacuum once its over.
Tarlika Desai, College lecturer in Mathematics, New York, USA    These have been most wonderful 9 weeks of my life. As someone else said before I ate, drank, breathed, all 24 hours nothing else but Vedic Maths. This has been an amazing journey to a marvelous land never heard of before. I forgot everything else while I was doing Vedic Math. I couldn't think of anything else. Vedic Math has shown me new path to light of mathematics. I feel it has enlightened me. I have never enjoyed Math like this before. I have loved,  and cherished every single moment of last 9 weeks of Vedic Maths tremendously. I feel I have gained so much knowledge. I felt like I was in school again- which has been most favorite part of my life.All these weeks I waited for new lesson, new knowledge, new exercise, new mystery! This beautiful experience will always stay fresh in my memory.
Sonia Post, math teacher, Pella, IO, USA For 11 years we have been struggling with math as a homeschooling family. After completing this week's video lessons all I can think of is the WASTED years. I do mean years. My oldest is 17 and my youngest now 2.  I've been frantically looking for a math program that will help us learn math, love math, and really get a grip on numbers and the beauty of numbers. I've learned a few tricks along the way that will make math easier (counting backwards and skip counting backwards, ten frames) but nothing as simple and easy as this stuff. Good grief! We are making this so hard and at least in the USA  our kids are learning very little of real math. There are pockets of real learning, and there are a few great teachers, but most of math education here is very dismal. My oldest has been able to solve standard equations at a post high school level since sixth grade but the child has no number sense. He can't do anything with what he has learned either. But he scored well on the PSAT. It isn't so bad now that we are using AoPS and Khan Academy. I've known for sometime that what we've been giving our children in the math department is bordering on a scam. OK, I'm sold.
Shylashree Ravishankar, maths teacher, Bangalore, India    Introduced my students of 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade to subtraction using all from 9 and the last from 10 for subtracting numbers near a base. They just loved the method. During the maths lab activity I had combined all the students together. And using this method the 1st grade students could compete with 2nd and 3rd grade students with the speed which I had not imagined. When I started learning VM 5 years back, there was a misconception that VM is only for high school students. But this training has proved it wrong. I can introduce even 1st grade students to VM and the results are amazing. They have started loving maths.
Paul Phillipson-Masters, Maths teacher, Scotland I love using bar numbers and the multiplication techniques, especially with some of my classes. They are really taking to the approaches which underpin VM. A particular group enjoyed multiplying by 11, and then because of the flexible nature of this method, they asked if it was possible for other times tables. We spent the next part of the lesson devising a strategy for multiplying by 12, 13 etc. And yes, I've had a few children saying to me, "Why weren't we taught this way at the start?" and "This method is so much easier!" Pupils who would normally not want to volunteer are putting their hands up to answer questions so quickly that it's hard not to look surprised!

I was investigating prime numbers with one of my classes and we were talking about how prime numbers are used in cryptography, and I also showed them the recurring decimal digit pattern for 1/19 on the 9-point circle. They were amazed how a boring prime number could generate such security and such beauty, all in the space of ten minutes!

Vedic Maths is simply incredible but incredibly simple - and I'm loving it!
Shubham Goyal, High School student, USA    1. I feel enlightened
2. I was amazed how fast I could do maths
I just recently participated in a math competition and throughout my life I have never been able to finish them on time. This time I was using the Vedic Mathematics and not only ended up finishing but I got 1st place in my entire school. The scores are not yet evaluated at the state level but there is a good chance I made it to the top.
Vitthal Jadhav, computer engineer, Nanded, India Thanks to all E-Gurukul team and Ken sir for providing this wonderful, interesting course. All 9 week I enjoyed the course and this 9 month are one of my best  moment in life. The platform provided by E-Gurukul team is really great. Teaching style of ken sir, especially going from simple to hard, structure of course, assignment are also best. Unlike  student of colleges or traditional  course,  here all people  are excited to learn, discuss new thing. Ultimately , purpose of knowledge is sharing and this course really helped  in sharing and growing vedic math knowledge.
Dan Noonan, pilot, Queenstown, New Zealand I have been blown away by the standard of this course. When I initially signed up I did not imagine that I was going to be given access to such a comprehensive syllabus. Mr Williams and the E-Gurukul team have clearly put a lot of work and effort into something that they feel passionate about, and I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to be a part of the last 9 weeks. The lessons have been very clear, the assignments have been fun and worthwhile. There is not a single element of this course that felt like 'filler'. Everything was presented sincerely, and I really feel like I have taken part in an earnest effort to promote something that the course developers want to spread simply because they feel that the lives of people, who they have never even met before, will benefit from what they have to teach. In a cynical world where everything has a price, and everyone has their own busy agenda, an experience like this is rare indeed. My deepest thanks go out to everybody who made this course possible - if there was a 'Hippocratic Oath' for teachers, along the lines that if you have something worthwhile and life enhancing to teach, you have an obligation to pass that knowledge on, then you are all true teachers , and the teaching profession is fortunate that you chose to become a part of it - my sincerest respect to you all.
Deepti Rameswary, engineer and maths teacher, Australia    I was very much inspired by the way in which e- gurukul has made use of today's technology for spreading such ancient knowledge for the good of many like me. A Big thanks goes to the great effort and enthusiasm of the people behind this endeavour. Thanks for keeping us motivated throughout the session.

I dont think there is a better teacher for the subject of Vedic Mathematics than Mr. Kenneth. His well structured lessons and clarity of deliver were amazing. I consider myself honoured to have got such a well experienced and world renowned teacher for this course. He has been an inspiration because of the great effort he has taken in spreading the glory of Vedic Maths around the world.
Each and Every lesson was an eyeopener in its own way and I Thoroughly enjoyed the 9 weeks journey.
Arvind Prasad, Research Fellow, Brisbane, Australia Very professionally structured, easy to follow and builds up on the previous concepts. Really liked the ending with the numerical values of the Sanskrit alphabets. Best was saved for the last!
The ancient gurukul tradition of dakshina/donations at the end of the course invoked a deep sense of reverence for Ken and the e-gurukul team. A heartfelt thank you.
Swati Dave, Management and Educational Consultant, Boston, USA    Loved the course. The videos were well made, and the quizzes were a nice tool to test learning from the week. The course was well paced, and the content was nicely covered.
Pranab Kumar Bhattacharjee, maths teacher, Shillong, India Honestly speaking, I don't have the vocabulary to express my feelings about the course. It's been a journey that I'll cherish throughout my life, it's been the journey that took me to the world of wonders. I'm still obsessed with the experience and would love to remain in this state of mind as long as possible.
I've been studying VM for about a couple of years but it was unorganised. Ken sir has shown me the right direction and the right approach. I cannot single out any particular wow moment or a topic as my best learning experience because there have been so many of them.  This course has been an eye opener on two counts : (a) Now I know how this subject is to be studied and to be explained or taught; (b) the talk that I gave has boosted my self-belief immensely. It was my first such talk before such a distinguished audience and I felt little nervous initially. I must say that I prepared my presentation by following Ken sir's advice (Lesson 20) and it was highly appreciated by the  audience so much so that I was immediately invited to give a few more talks. And I believe I can now face any audience.
Ashok Nair, Abbotsford, BC Canada, teacher It's been an eventful journey for me because from my school days I never liked maths and avoided it whenever I got a chance and every time I did that I realised I was put to more challenges. I am here now learning Vedic Mathematics  and enjoying every moment of it. I cannot believe myself that I am taking so much interest in learning and practising mathematics.
Subhash Panicker, Kochi, India, Maths teacher This was indeed a wonderful journey through the sacred science of Vedic Maths.  The quality of the course was incredible. In fact, my vocabulary is not that excellent to express what I feel.  I happened to get the greatest surprise when my 6-year-old daughter who we all thought was weak in mathematics suddenly started speaking about numbers jovially.  I sincerely believe Vedic methods can really help millions of students who are really finding the subject too difficult to grasp.   Many thanks to poojaneeya guruji and the whole e-gurukul team for this wonderful opportunity
Christine Owen, Math Tutor, CA, USA Thank you for an incredibly valuable course. It was not just the content, but the participation by students, and overall design of the course that is a model of education. I learned as much from the way the content was delivered as from the subject matter.
Arpana Ahluwalia, Maths Teacher, NSW, Australia What an amazing... touching end to the course!
Hats off to you, Ken!
This knowledge is priceless. I hope it reaches to every part of the world and soon come out as school curriculum in near future.
Chandrika McCormack, Chief Financial Officer, TX, USA Thank you kindly for all you have taught me and your most commendable work.  I echo what you said in the last lesson regarding the mathematical genius of Bharati Krsna--perhaps with time everyone will agree and he will be granted the recognition he deserves before Archimedes, Newton and Gauss!
I love especially how you explained the Sanskrit consonants and numbering code--it is indeed beautiful.
Thanks for sharing your incredible insight and talent -- it has changed my life and I will pass it on!
Chaitanya Dasari, Maths Teacher, India It very fascinating and wonder to see VM in depth and your presentations are really superb. Till now I saw many VM trainers teaching it as tool which provides tricks for calculations. But after listening to your classes, it’s like a paradigm shift, I now feel that VM as complete system of Mathematics.

Paola Ricca, Italy

I am enjoying the course a lot. I am fully satisfied because I joined the course with a professional perspective and I am getting much more than expected. I am also enthusiastic because I believe Vedic Math is very much linked to the theme  of metacognition, which is the topic I usually train teachers on.

Marwen Chouri, Tunisia

First of all I would like to think you for this course, it is so special!! I take a Vedic course before but it was not simple; there is something special about this course and the trainer, first of all the course cover all the topics! second the trainer is rally a trainer, i mean there is a difference between training and teaching! then the videos are so good! from the first lesson i start to teach physics basing on vedic maths! my students found it so excited and simple! thank you for all the work!

Silpa Kavuri, India

Am glad I chose this course for Vedic Maths - was an absolutely awesome experience. By the end of the 36th lesson, I felt the push to gather more, study more, practice more and contribute more to the area of Vedic Maths. Ken Sir, Your passion for VM clearly reflects in this course. Also, appreciate your immediate responses to our questions. Thankyou!

Meetu Khanna, Australia

It has been a truly invaluable learning experience for me. I want you to know that I have learnt so much from all of your constructive input and guidance throughout each lesson of the course. The course has helped me to understand where my strengths and weaker aspects lie, and what areas of my mathematics I have to improve on. My specials thanks to Ken for making this course so enjoyable.

Gaurav Gupta, USA

a.) All the videos lessons are
(i) very easy to follow
(ii) the concepts are explained in a lucid manner
(iii) the exercises in the videos make it easy to practice what has been taught
and it forces you to think if you don't get a particular concept/detail.
(iv) The challenge questions are a good way to re-enforce the concepts and
to simulate out-of-the-box thinking for implementing the theoretical

Namarata Vig, India

Thank you so much for giving us such a nice learning experience. Lessons were so well explained with lot of examples and practice .You never lose interest. Everyday there was something new to learn and increase our knowledge bank. will certainly help in my career.

Arpit Bendle, India

The course is beautifully designed to cover essential number operations most of them mentally. Forums, tests ensured all our doubts are cleared. It aptly covers How VM knowledge can be passed to Kids for getting them relief from numbersphobia. Strong interest for research in VM developed during these course and I look forward for same with advanced courses and Vedic knowledge bank available in public domain.

Michael_McDowell, Engineer, Fremont, USA

Wow! This was, as we say here, "education-at-the-end -of-a-firehose"! So much new and interesting and challenging maths knowledge to comprehend and employ! It has definitely been worth the effort - as I want to share it with others. I enjoyed the course and definitely need more practice to make the algorithmic patterns permanent! Like a sponge, initial absorption of the knowledge can begin to evaporate unless replenished by practice - or teaching. As teachers we need to become expert enough to assist our students when they are challenged with a particular calculation. The video lectures were very good and I still found I needed more resources to reflect and understand some of the nuances of some patterns. I definitely would recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn and teach Vedic Mathematics!

Rashmi Mantri, Toronto

If you want to know what is Mathematics then one should definitely learn VedicMaths .I wish I have learned all this when I was doing my school or engineering college then my grades and my life would have been different.Better late than never-I thoroughly enjoyed this course and was a complete eye opener course for me.

Lemi-Ola Erinkitola, educator, Chicago

I found this to be one of the most interesting math training courses I have taken as an educator. I recommend this training for teachers of gifted students who are looking for a challenge and to become more flexible in their math thinking and math reasoning skills. There is so many connections that you don't get in the traditional math currculum that will excite both kid and adults.

Thomas Malone, High School Science Teacher, New York City, USA

The simplest yet most powerful methods I have encountered!

Deepa Anantbhat, Homemaker, California - USA

I learned a great deal from this course and would certainly recommend aspiring mathematicians to learn Vedic Math. I would just like to thank the instructor, Ken Williams, for explaining the content in a manner that is easily understood. Thank you Mr. Williams for your excellent instruction and support throughout the course.

Michael_McDowell, Engineer, Fremont, USA

Ken Williams Vedic Teacher Training Course is 9 weeks of opening the mind to new ways of viewing math than we have been taught before in an interesting series of video lessons. I found the lessons really interesting and sometimes challenging - so invested the time to understand things better - doing the homework is the best! Asking questions in the forum is great too! Ken is engaging in teaching and in the forum. From this course I have learned a new perspective on maths that makes me very happy and I want to share it with others! If you are willing to put the dedicated effort in, I am confident that you will definitely benefit from this learning experience!

Arbab Ur Rahman, Project Manager (Software Development), Dhaka, Bangladesh

This course has changed my traditional approach towards problem solving. I can approach any mathematical problem with a more flexible mindset . I have learnt some awesome techniques like digit sum, Vertical and crosswise , Bar Numbers, Flag Division method which can be applied to any kind of math curriculum in any country form Grades. Not only that, concepts learnt in this course can be further extended to advanced calculus , co-ordinate geometry . Ken has truly proven to us that Vedic Math is indeed a whole coherent system, not just some math tricks under the sleeve. Thanks Ken for spreading this knowledge worldwide!

Saša Janiška, counsellor, Hlapičina, Croatia One of the best learning experiences of my life!
Deepali Lalchandani, Maths Teacher, Liverpool, UK I had heard about Vedic Maths long back, but I was exposed to it as only some tricks to do calculations. During this course I came to know that it is not tricks but different methods that can be applied to almost all maths topics. Because the methods are different than usual methods that we learn in school, it takes some time to practise and apply, but each topic in this course put me in a state of awe. Learning Vedic Maths has actually given me a whole new perspective of Maths. Its a different way of looking at and doing maths problems.
Srinivasan Varadarajan, Retired Service Professional, Bangalore, India Totally new concept which has built on our existing knowledge. Applications in various areas possible were an eye-opener. The design and flow of the course was systematic and never monotonous
Prabha Prabhu, Home Maker, Pennsylvania, United States Enjoyed learning Vedic Math. All Videos and lessons are clearly explained with lot of examples and practice. From Basic Additions to Trignomotetry every topic was fully covered. My favorite Topics are Base Multiplication, Vertically and crosswise, Squaring, Divisions and Digit sums. Discussion forums helped me a lot in clarifying my doubts and I could see different solutions for the same problems.
Christy Varghese, General Aptitude Trainer, Alappuzha, India
The topics covered in this course was excellent. I was already teaching Vedic Math to my students. But after attending this course I got a proper orientation how I can introduce vedic math as a complete comprehensive mathematical system rather than collection of short tricks. Big thanks to Ken and the team behind.
Shailu Kalidindi, Ashburn, VA, USA
I consider myself a slow learner and Math was never my strong subject. Infact, while growing up I always dreamt of one day becoming the Prinicpal of the school and delete Math as a subject.:) . However, I completed my Master's degree with Math as a major in my Bachelors, only because I am not a quitter.
The only reason I registered for this teacher training program is to "FACE MY FEAR" and be a better example to my two kids. As I live by the pinciple- "If I cannot do it, I will never force my kid to do it."

This course has been wonderful for me, so far, for many reasons:
1. The simplicity with which it is being taught. Thanks to Ken and his vast experience
2. I can pause and continue as many times as needed. I watch each episode 2-3 times, so I can understand and relate to it better.
3. I practice the examples given in the lessons with my 11 yr old son, who is watching his Mother - overcome.
4. My fear has always proven to be a hindrance while taking my Math exams , my whole life. But, now I see that I am ovecoming  with every Quiz I have taken from last 3 weeks as my confidence increases.
5.My heart is getting lighter and lighter with a sense of "Numbers being my friends".
I want to take a moment and THANK the whole Pasyanthi Team for making this a possibility for me.



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  • “Pupils who would normally not want to volunteer are putting their hands up to answer questions so quickly that it's hard not to look surprised!”
    Paul Phillipson-Masters, maths teacher, Scotland
  • ”… have been trying some of the methods with my students and they have started to create a real buzz around school. ”
    Garry Marshall, Maths Consultant, Manchester Enterprise Academy.
  • ” Even during the break they stayed at their desks, taking numbers randomly and doing subtractions. ”
    Daniela Panait, Romanian teacher
  • ”now we can see clearly the beauty of VM and how blessed my youngest child and my students will be to experience VM very young. ”
    Sonya Post, Teacher, USA
  • ”Near 80 multiplications. They were eager to learn and to perfect their skills. They don’t want to write multiplications any more. It was wonderful. At the end, they were not tired and asked for more. ”
    Didier Auroy, Maths teacher, France
  • ”They were amazed and would never forget the lesson for rest of their life…”
    Rajni Obhrai, maths teacher, London
  • ”She is now pushing me to learn more and more Vedic maths to keep up with her insatiable appetite for mathematics. ”
    Vera Stevens, maths teacher, Australia
  • ”But the interesting part of it is once you start doing it you start understanding the power of VM and you just get drawn towards it. ”
    Lalit Shah, Maths teacher, USA
  • ”… and am amazed at such simplicity! ”
    Claudia Brow
  • ”My entire attitude about math changed today. ”
    Barbara Kithcart, USA
  • ”All I can hear from them is "wow" and they get frenzy when they started to be able to solve math problems up to 4-digits times 4-digits multiplication in their heads. ”
    Rosendo Jr. Agulto, Philippines
  • ”For the first time students were eager to do maths and wanted more of it. ”
    Newsletter 18
  • ”I taught calculating squares and square roots to 9th grade kids on this street and they had their mouth wide open in amazement. ”
    Sunitha Ramaiah, maths teacher, India
  • ”If I'd have had VM 15 years ago it would have saved our family years of grief and stress. ”
    Sonya Post, Teacher, USA
  • ”My grandchildren will not have a fear of math because of what you taught me today. ”
    Barbara Kithcart, USA
  • ”Once you get into it you just don’t want to stop because it’s so powerful. ”
    Lalit Shah, Maths teacher, USA
  • ”The more I am learning the more awed I feel about the simplicity of the Vedic System. ”
    Mudaliar Shraddha Teacher, USA
  • ”I shared one of the addition technique with some my students and reactions on their faces were amazing. ”
    Mudaliar Shraddha Teacher, USA
  • ”Mom said it's clearly due to the VM lessons and she is now using them all the time! ”
    Hagit Genosar, Maths teacher, USA
  • ”They have started loving maths. ”
    Shylashree Ravishankar, Teacher, India
  • ”It’s much easier, simpler, faster, more interesting, more exciting, and full of fun. ”
    Tarlika Desai, Maths Teacher, USA
  • ”I feel overwhelmed by the power of this Vedic Math- not known or heard before. ”
    Tarlika Desai, Maths Teacher, USA
  • ”I feel the more I delve into it, more treasure I am getting from it. ”
    Tarlika Desai, Maths Teacher, USA
  • ”These days he is following only VM to do multiplications and he feels as if he is a magician. ”
    Madhavi Bandi, Maths teacher, UK
  • ”I'm demonstrating . . . to PhD-students . . . They all wonder why they have not been taught this method... ”
    Eric Groenendijk, Mathematician, The Netherlands
  • ”And I see my kids walk into the class with that extra bounce and energy. ”
    Mudaliar Shraddha Teacher, USA
  • ”Vedic Math has shown me new path to light of mathematics. . . . I have never enjoyed Math like this before. ”
    Tarlika Desai, Maths Teacher, USA
  • ”I am here now learning Vedic Mathematics and enjoying every moment of it. I cannot believe myself that I am taking so much interest in learning and practising mathematics. ”
    Ashok Nair, Teacher, Canada
  • ”Words really don’t begin to describe this innovative way to solve math problems”
  • ”. . . it will really set your mind to thinking about math differently. ”
  • ”The thing that surprised me most is the fact that VM is a whole system. VM by nature is fun to work out. ”
    Sonya Post, Teacher, USA
  • ”And when I introduced them to the method left to right, the reaction is something memorable. The most dumb students (branded by other teachers) now compete with toppers to answer the sums. ”
    Shylashree Ravishankar, Teacher, India
  • ”I had never seen math like this before. My whole attitude towards learning math and teaching math to my kids has changed. Vedic math is a complete math system that teaches us to find patterns, simplify complex equations and make it fun. ”
    Sangeeta Ahuja, Occupational Therapist, USA
  • ”To them, the techniques you shared with me will make math seem like a game. If I had learned 40 years ago what you taught me, I would have chosen a different field of study. ”
    Barbara H. Kithcart, Librarian Hancock Elementary School
  • ”Vedic Maths is simply incredible but incredibly simple - and I'm loving it!”
    Paul Phillipson-Masters, maths teacher, Scotland
  • ”The best part was we all had fun and after the presentation I was bombarded with please teach my son/daughter Vedic Math. ”
    Mudaliar Shraddha Teacher, USA
  • ”I was amazed how fast I could do maths…”
    Shubham Goyal, High School Senior student in USA
  • ”This time I was using the Vedic Mathematics and not only ended up finishing but I got 1st place in my entire school. ”
    Shubham Goyal, High School Senior student in USA
  • ”I have found that VM has opened my mind and expanded the possibilities when dealing with different maths problems. ”
    Damen Pitiroi, maths teacher, New Zealand
  • ”"I have also received responses like "why are they not teaching this in all schools?" or "I wish I was taught this system when I was in school"”
    Damen Pitiroi, maths teacher, New Zealand
  • ”Vedic is about working smart, not hard.”
    Mia Liley. Maths teacher, USA