Preface to Web Edition

Preface to web edition


This tutorial is based on the book "Fun with Figures" by Kenneth Williams, which was a simple fun introduction to Vedic Mathematics.

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If English is not your first language, then use the Google Translate feature (at the bottom of this page) to get an approximate translation into your chosen language.

It is our hope that this Tutorial continues to inspire new generations of children (including the older variety) to investigate and learn about Vedic Mathematics.

This current version of this tutorial (November 2015) has been integrated into the main VedicMaths.Org website. The main advantages of this are:-

  • Have same format of Main VedicMaths.Org website
  • The web page will be responsive so easier to use on mobile devices
  • Adding the original text and graphics back to the work takes it back to its original essence as a children's book


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