The Cosmic Calculator Course

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(PLEASE NOTE: this course was originally titled The Cosmic Computer course.)

Written for 11-14 year old pupils (some of the material in Books 1 and 2 is suitable for children from the age of about eight) this course covers the National Curriculum for England and Wales, Key Stage 3. The full course consists of three Textbooks, a Teacher's Guide and an Answer Book.

Each of the three books has 27 chapters each of which is prefaced by an inspiring quote from a famous mathematician, philosopher etc. Also in each book there are historical notes which relate to the authors of the quotes, a list of Sutras and three other short but interesting sections (e.g. Pascal's Triangle, Fractals).

Book 1 deals mainly with basic arithmetic, proportion, decimals, basic algebra and geometry, polygons, area, volume etc.
Book 2 extends this, covering fractions, probability, sequences, negative numbers, percentages, equations, graphs, charts, transformations, bearings etc.
Book 3 develops this further into recurring decimals, square and cube roots, division, divisibility, the musical scale, formulae, simultaneous equations, quadratic equations, proof, similar triangles, area of a circle, nets, conic sections, loci, motion, vectors, Pythagoras' theorem, triples, coordinate geometry etc.

This contains:
A Summary of the book.
A copy of the Unified Field Chart for that book.
Notes on the content of the chapters- advice, suggestions etc.
Mental Tests (correlated with the books) and answers- which allow earlier work to be regularly revised, give stimulating ideas relevant to the current lesson and which develop themes from earlier tests which may ultimately become the subject of a lesson. Extension Material and answers (about 16 per book)- these consist of a 1 or 2-sided sheet given to children who work fast and get ahead of the rest of the class. Many of these are also very suitable for work with a whole class.
Revision Tests and Answers- There is a revision test every 4 or 5 chapters. This includes a mental test of 10 questions.
Games, Worksheets etc.

This contains answers to all exercises and other numbered questions in the text and should be available for pupils during lessons..

THE COURSE has many unusual and attractive features.
1 It is primarily a system of mental mathematics (though all the methods can also be written down) using simple patterns and methods which are very easy to understand and remember. Each lesson starts with a short mental test.

2 It is extremely coherent and unified and uses sixteen simple word-formulae, called Sutras, like Vertically and Crosswise. These formulae relate to the different ways in which the mind can be used and are therefore a great help to pupils.

3 It makes use of a "Unified Field" chart which shows the whole subject of mathematics at a glance and how the different parts and topics are related.

4 The powerful Vedic methods are delightfully easy and fun. Many problems can be tackled in a variety of ways, from right to left or from left to right, 2 or more figures at a time, etc. The techniques are also interrelated which adds to the beauty and simplicity.

Through this mental approach the course encourages creativity and the use of intuition in mathematics, in contrast to the modern, mainly analytic, approach.

Vedic Mathematics is already being taught with great success in many schools and the response to this course has been extremely encouraging.





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