Pebble Maths
This is the website of Vera Stevens, based in Australia, whose remarkable methods for teaching the very young or those with difficulties forms the perfect introduction to Vedic Mathematics.

Dr S. K. Kapoor
This website aims to revisit Ancient Wisdom, with Vedas at its core.

Vedic Math For All
A collection of Youtube lessons by James Glover

Vedic Math School
This is a resource, based in the USA, where you can learn Vedic Maths at any level.

Vedic Maths Forum
This is where learners of Vedic mathematics can collaborate with trainers, get their questions clarified and VM techniques can be shared.

Vedic Maths France
This is a website in French by Didier Auroy, a french maths teacher in a public school. This site is for everyone who wants to learn and practise Vedic Maths online. A free registration is needed to access the content of all pages and training programs.

Vedic Math Ghana
Vedic Math Ghana was founded on October 1, 2010 in Accra, Ghana. The purpose of the organization is to help diminish the mathematical challenges in our schools and society. The organization seeks to improve the basic challenges in our schools and society today and develop programs for children and teachers who need help on how to effectively lead a mathematics classroom through building confidence and competence. These programs include youth involved in vocational training, continuous professional development for teachers, curriculum development, technology in mathematics instruction, classroom projects, training of trainers and increasing the pass rate in mathematics and by extension other related subjects, identify career choice and offer advice, counseling and guidance to children and their families about opportunities in mathematics and math skills development.

Vedic Maths Italy
This is a website by Anna Foglino, an Italian mathematician and homeschool teacher, based in Italy. Here you can learn and practise Vedic Maths. Children and young people, adults and teachers can find and feed their inner genius with this simple, flexible and creative Maths.

Vedic Maths Philippines
This is a website which aims to enhance the academic performance of Filipino students, using Vedic Math as a tool and help reveal to the Filipino people the importance and significance of Vedic Math as a supplement in the Math educational system of the Philippines.

VJ's Mathemagic
Exploring secret behind speed math

Math Monkey
"This is a supplemental math program, designed for all children between the ages of 4-14! It meets their needs using our unique approach based on Vedic Math, and surrounds them in a group environment to help them soar! With our game-based curriculum everyone has fun while learning new skills! "

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        Suwanee, Georgia
        Leawood, Kansas
        Cleveland, Ohio
        Miami, Florida
        Lake Mary, Florida

        South-East Asia (31 centers). See:
        Hong Kong

Chinmaya International Foundation

School of Vedic Maths


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