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1st Webinar: "A New Approach to Teaching Calculus"  16th June 2016 (Kenneth Williams)
2nd Webinar: "A New Approach to Teaching Areas on Graphs and Trigonometric Identities" (James Glover)
3rd Webinar: "A New Approach to the Teaching of Proportion"  (James Glover)
4th Webinar: "Geometric Explorations in Yantras" (Vinay Nair)
5th Webinar: "Astronomy and the 9-Point Circle"  19th February 2017 (Kenneth Williams)

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The Vedic Mathematics Research Group is for anybody interested in following or contributing to the development and research of Vedic Mathematics. The aim is to act as a conduit for like-minded people to share their insights, questions and discussions concerning the VM sutras and their applications. The group will also keep you informed with any ongoing VM events such as workshops, talks or seminars.
You are invited to join the LinkedIn Group: Vedic Mathematics Research Group.


    These researchers are listed in alphabetical order by surname. If you would like to be added please let us know. We support those who are doing research into Vedic mathematics and can put up material on research currently in progress and/or publish in the Vedic Maths Newsletter.

Dr D K R Babajee
    Obtained a PhD in Numerical Analysis in 2010. His research interests are Vedic Mathematics, Iterative Methods for solving nonlinear equations, fractals and Pythagorean Triples. He is fascinated by new and fast methods. He recently proved that the excess of the sum of the smaller sides of a right angled triangle over the hypotenuse is always even and using this property he derived the old two-fraction method for generating Pythagorean Triples. He also developed a general method for squaring and extended Tirthaji cross-multiplication method for solving systems of linear equations.

Stewart Dickson
    Visualization Research Programmer, Illinois Simulator Laboratory at Urbana, Illinois, USA.
    This is still pretty well the definitive statement on Tactile, Vedic Maths
    And the video.
    Make: Online : Vedic math machines and 3D zoetropes at Makerspace Urbana

James Glover BSc FIMA
Vedic Maths teacher and author
Has been teaching and researching Vedic Maths since 1980. Author of five books, Vedic Mathematics for Schools, Book 1 - 3, and The Curious Hats of Vedic Maths, Books 1 and 2 (pending publication in 2014). Has conducted numerous workshops and seminars on Vedic Maths in the UK, India and the USA. Has run 8 public courses on VM in London. Designed complete mathematics curriculum using VM principles. Researches include, how to use VM in a school curriculum, how to extend the application of the VM sutras into mathematics not included in BKT’s book, and how to address the potential universality of the sutras. Developed use of VM sutras in coordinate geometry, vector algebra, binomial expansions and other topics within pre-university mathematics.
Started Vedic Maths Research Group on Linkedin.

Vitthal B. Jadhav
    B.E. ( Computer engineering), Maharashtra, India.
    Fascinated by mathematics since from childhood. Left two job offer to pursue research in mathematics. Invented one new multiplication method, universal divisibility test and efficient algorithm / method to compute any root of number or polynomial in single line.

Ashish Joglekar, Ajinkya Kale and Shaunak Vaidya
    Research on speeding up programming time using Vedic techniques. See Issue 60 of the newsletter.
    See also another article - here.

Dr S K Kapoor
    Dr Kapoor has written many books on Vedic Mathematics. His work is profoundly geometric involving the understanding and use of multi-dimensional spaces. He is involved with the dissemination of Vedic Mathematics in India and is a prolific writer and teacher.

Brian McEnery
    Vedic Mathematics and Natural Computation Research and Development in Ireland includes a diverse range of topics, from developing a multimedia approach to teaching using animations to exploring the language of computation using natural language, to developing a deep correlation between aspects of gaelic knowledge, modern computational physics, and vedic knowledge. Recent research reveals that the integration of these three great traditions of knowledge will point in the direction to develop the Theory of Everything in Physics, with implications for the Continuum Hypothesis in Mathematics, Completeness in Computation, and a realisation of the goal of a simple and complete approach to Knowledge.

    Further information including contact details is available at this link: http://bit.ly/bfeaBB

Andrew Nicholas
    Interested in the special theory of relativity, the foundations of geometry, the solution of ordinary and partial, linear and non-linear differential equations, evaluation of determinants, inversion of matrices.

Himanshu Thapliyal
    Currently working toward the Ph.D. degree at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of South Florida, Tampa. For one year, he was a Research Assistant in the School of Computer Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, where he was engaged in reversible/adiabatic computing at metal-oxide-semiconductor level. His current research interests include reversible logic, conservative logic, emerging technologies, Vedic mathematics, design of efficient arithmetic units, design of field-programmable gate array (FPGA) architectures for emerging nanotechnologies, and FPGA-based system design.

Kenneth Williams
    Interested in promoting all aspects of Vedic Mathematics.
    Specific research includes:
    Unifying and simplifying arithmetic methods
    The sixteen Sutras and sub-Sutras
    Applications of Pythagorean Triples
    Applications of Vedic Mathematics in Calculus, Trigonometry, Astronomy


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  • “Pupils who would normally not want to volunteer are putting their hands up to answer questions so quickly that it's hard not to look surprised!”
    Paul Phillipson-Masters, maths teacher, Scotland
  • ”… have been trying some of the methods with my students and they have started to create a real buzz around school. ”
    Garry Marshall, Maths Consultant, Manchester Enterprise Academy.
  • ” Even during the break they stayed at their desks, taking numbers randomly and doing subtractions. ”
    Daniela Panait, Romanian teacher
  • ”now we can see clearly the beauty of VM and how blessed my youngest child and my students will be to experience VM very young. ”
    Sonya Post, Teacher, USA
  • ”Near 80 multiplications. They were eager to learn and to perfect their skills. They don’t want to write multiplications any more. It was wonderful. At the end, they were not tired and asked for more. ”
    Didier Auroy, Maths teacher, France
  • ”They were amazed and would never forget the lesson for rest of their life…”
    Rajni Obhrai, maths teacher, London
  • ”She is now pushing me to learn more and more Vedic maths to keep up with her insatiable appetite for mathematics. ”
    Vera Stevens, maths teacher, Australia
  • ”But the interesting part of it is once you start doing it you start understanding the power of VM and you just get drawn towards it. ”
    Lalit Shah, Maths teacher, USA
  • ”… and am amazed at such simplicity! ”
    Claudia Brow
  • ”My entire attitude about math changed today. ”
    Barbara Kithcart, USA
  • ”All I can hear from them is "wow" and they get frenzy when they started to be able to solve math problems up to 4-digits times 4-digits multiplication in their heads. ”
    Rosendo Jr. Agulto, Philippines
  • ”For the first time students were eager to do maths and wanted more of it. ”
    Newsletter 18
  • ”I taught calculating squares and square roots to 9th grade kids on this street and they had their mouth wide open in amazement. ”
    Sunitha Ramaiah, maths teacher, India
  • ”If I'd have had VM 15 years ago it would have saved our family years of grief and stress. ”
    Sonya Post, Teacher, USA
  • ”My grandchildren will not have a fear of math because of what you taught me today. ”
    Barbara Kithcart, USA
  • ”Once you get into it you just don’t want to stop because it’s so powerful. ”
    Lalit Shah, Maths teacher, USA
  • ”The more I am learning the more awed I feel about the simplicity of the Vedic System. ”
    Mudaliar Shraddha Teacher, USA
  • ”I shared one of the addition technique with some my students and reactions on their faces were amazing. ”
    Mudaliar Shraddha Teacher, USA
  • ”Mom said it's clearly due to the VM lessons and she is now using them all the time! ”
    Hagit Genosar, Maths teacher, USA
  • ”They have started loving maths. ”
    Shylashree Ravishankar, Teacher, India
  • ”It’s much easier, simpler, faster, more interesting, more exciting, and full of fun. ”
    Tarlika Desai, Maths Teacher, USA
  • ”I feel overwhelmed by the power of this Vedic Math- not known or heard before. ”
    Tarlika Desai, Maths Teacher, USA
  • ”I feel the more I delve into it, more treasure I am getting from it. ”
    Tarlika Desai, Maths Teacher, USA
  • ”These days he is following only VM to do multiplications and he feels as if he is a magician. ”
    Madhavi Bandi, Maths teacher, UK
  • ”I'm demonstrating . . . to PhD-students . . . They all wonder why they have not been taught this method... ”
    Eric Groenendijk, Mathematician, The Netherlands
  • ”And I see my kids walk into the class with that extra bounce and energy. ”
    Mudaliar Shraddha Teacher, USA
  • ”Vedic Math has shown me new path to light of mathematics. . . . I have never enjoyed Math like this before. ”
    Tarlika Desai, Maths Teacher, USA
  • ”I am here now learning Vedic Mathematics and enjoying every moment of it. I cannot believe myself that I am taking so much interest in learning and practising mathematics. ”
    Ashok Nair, Teacher, Canada
  • ”Words really don’t begin to describe this innovative way to solve math problems”
  • ”. . . it will really set your mind to thinking about math differently. ”
  • ”The thing that surprised me most is the fact that VM is a whole system. VM by nature is fun to work out. ”
    Sonya Post, Teacher, USA
  • ”And when I introduced them to the method left to right, the reaction is something memorable. The most dumb students (branded by other teachers) now compete with toppers to answer the sums. ”
    Shylashree Ravishankar, Teacher, India
  • ”I had never seen math like this before. My whole attitude towards learning math and teaching math to my kids has changed. Vedic math is a complete math system that teaches us to find patterns, simplify complex equations and make it fun. ”
    Sangeeta Ahuja, Occupational Therapist, USA
  • ”To them, the techniques you shared with me will make math seem like a game. If I had learned 40 years ago what you taught me, I would have chosen a different field of study. ”
    Barbara H. Kithcart, Librarian Hancock Elementary School
  • ”Vedic Maths is simply incredible but incredibly simple - and I'm loving it!”
    Paul Phillipson-Masters, maths teacher, Scotland
  • ”The best part was we all had fun and after the presentation I was bombarded with please teach my son/daughter Vedic Math. ”
    Mudaliar Shraddha Teacher, USA
  • ”I was amazed how fast I could do maths…”
    Shubham Goyal, High School Senior student in USA
  • ”This time I was using the Vedic Mathematics and not only ended up finishing but I got 1st place in my entire school. ”
    Shubham Goyal, High School Senior student in USA
  • ”I have found that VM has opened my mind and expanded the possibilities when dealing with different maths problems. ”
    Damen Pitiroi, maths teacher, New Zealand
  • ”"I have also received responses like "why are they not teaching this in all schools?" or "I wish I was taught this system when I was in school"”
    Damen Pitiroi, maths teacher, New Zealand
  • ”Vedic is about working smart, not hard.”
    Mia Liley. Maths teacher, USA